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Monday, April 16, 2012

"Milton Friedman Schools Young Idealist Stanford": Lecture on the Role of Government

If we want to have true Free Society, a Liberal Democracy where all Free Adults. Have the freedom to live their own lives and be as successful and productive as they can. Then we need an Economic System that allows for that to happen. Where we can all have access to quality education and of course what we make of that opportunity, is up to us. There are no guarantees in any Economic System, that everyone in the country. Will do well and be free and not dependent on Public Assistance and obey the law. So they don't get thrown into jail and make the rest of their lives harder. Because we are held accountable for all of our decisions in life. Whether you believe we should be or not, we simply are and always will be. Then we need an Economic System that rewards people based on what they produce, what they put into society. Not what they take out, that empowers everyone to be able to be successful and productive. And again what they do with those opportunities is up to them.

Thats the basic point that Professor Milton Friedman was making back in 1978 at Stanford University. That we should be rewarded based on what we produce, paid for the work that we do. Not be rewarded base on what government thinks we should be compensated. But based on what we produce and not be dependent on Public Assistance. Its just that Professor Friedman's view on economics is a bit different then mind. I believe in things like Public Education, even though I would reform it and make it a hell of a lot different. Education is the key to everything in the economy, the better educated you are in life. You better you are going to do in almost every area. If your working Low Skilled, Low Paid jobs and your an adult. Its generally not because you want to but because you don't have the skills to get a good job.

So what we need is better education in America, a much better Public Education System. That empowers everyone to have an opportunity to get a good education. Not matter the income level of their families and then empower our people on Public Assistance. And our Low Skilled workers to go back to school. Or go to school and get themselves a good education. So they can get a good job, be much more productive and then be rewarded for their production.