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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Conversation with General C. Robert Kehler: A future of American National Security Policy

I wrote a blog about Syria yesterday and I'm go into that again with this post, other then to say, that Syria represents what America should be doing in the World. That we can't police the World but we can and have to defend ourselves, while at the same time help others who want the same Freedom. That Americans at times have taken for granted, which is the Right of Self Determination, we can't as a country police the World but we can't sit back and watch innocent people be murdered. By their own government, which is what's happening in Syria, with the United States doing not much more then to say, stop you are hurting me or in this case them. You shouldn't do that, sorta like sounding like the wimp in school, who gets pushed around and doesn't know how to stand up. You are not much of a superpower, which is what America still is, if you are not willing to use it, in a way that can save the lives of innocent people. Because then what good is you're power, what influence do you have to use something, that you aren't willing to use.

Again America can't police the World and I only repeat that to say, that we can't be everywhere at the same time. Be everything to everybody and do everything on our own but we can use our power, working with our allies and essentially surround Authoritarian Regimes, when they are murdering our own people. Of course not all conflicts are the same but we have good experience in the Balkans to show, working with NATO and the European Union, that Dictators, only respond to actions and power. That talk means nothing to them, they have the attitude of show me not tell me, which is what we did in Yugoslavia. When the Milosevic Regime tried to annexed the country of non Ethnic Serbians, Yugoslavia was a very diverse country. And we stepped in to prevent an Ethnic Genocide of, Albanians, Bosniaks, and Croats. What's going in in Syria is not an Ethnic Genocide but murders of people fighting for their Freedom.

No one serious is calling for an Invasion of Syria, especially one thats led by the United States. Where we would go in, knockout the Assad Regime and occupy the country, until the Syrian Opposition are ready to govern the country. But what we can do with our allies, is essentially bankrupt the Assad Regime, lock them in their own country, so they couldn't get supplies in or out. And arm the Syrian Opposition and have them take the fight to the Assad Regime.