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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Governor Scott Walker's Win Setting Stage for WH Race?: What Wisconsin Means for The Presidential Election

It would be a big mistake for Republicans to over analyze the Wisconsin Recall last night and to assume, that so goes Scott Walker, so goes the Presidential Election. President Obama right now has a bigger lead over Mitt Romney, then Scott Walker beat Tom Barrett last night. Governor Walker beat Mayor Barett by 6-7 points, President Obama has an eight point lead. Which tells me that Wisconsin still prefers the Governor and President over their opponents, so it would be a big mistake for the Republican Party or its allies. To dump a lot of money in a State, that will probably vote for the President in November, money that could otherwise be spent in Florida or Ohio. Two States that Mitt Romney has to win in November, where he's currently trailing or behind in both Sates and at least in Florida's case, has an unpopular Governor, similar to Wisconsin. But of course Democrats would like to see that Republican money flowing into Wisconsin, as they are spending resources in Ohio, Virginia, Florida and Colorado, three Republican States and a Swing State. That Barack Obama won in 2008.

If you listen to this AP Reporter, she sums it up as well as been said so far, big victory for Scott Walker and Wisconsin Republicans, big loss for Organize Labor. That Organize Labor's ability to move people to the polls and vote for their candidates, has not only diminished, thats already known but is diminishing even more. She also pointed out that this was a big victory for Wisconsin Right Wingers, because they love Governor Walker and see him as one of them, somebody who'll stand for their principles, even when they are tested. Which is exactly what happens in a Recall Election and that Mitt Romney is not known for standing for principles but instead has a record for changing positions as time moves along. So to assume Republicans will move to the polls for Mitt, like the did for Governor Walker, someone they love and in Mitt's case. Someone they just prefer over the President, is jumping the gun.

Democrats would welcome Republican money to Wisconsin, money spent there, is not money spent in States, where there aren't clear favorites. And on somewhat a high point of otherwise a bad night for Wisconsin Democrats, looks like at least according to the Huffington Post, that Democrats have picked up at least one Senate seat in Wisconsin. Which is all they needed to take control of the Wisconsin Senate, so Divided Government appears headed back to Wisconsin.