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Monday, September 24, 2012

The New Republic: Daily Breakdown: Mitt Romney's Chances Are In Jeopardy

Daily Breakdown: Romney's Chances Are In Jeopardy | The New Republic

I've always believed that President Obama was the favorite to be reelected just because of where we were when. He started, where we are now, the fact that the Bush Years would still be fresh in Americans minds and that Republicans wouldn't be able to get away from that and Democrats would constantly throw that in Republicans. Faces and the fact of how weak the GOP field against the President was going to be, as we see now, the GOP Frontrunner having to go out of his way to defeat people like Rick Santorum, Rick Perry. That people like Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain were once considered the frontrunners, none of the candidates are really qualified to be President of the United States. The GOP has yet to shown in this cycle, that they can produce a Presidential Candidate, that can appeal to the Far Right in the GOP, that now has. A lot of power in the GOP, as well as appeal to Independents and now their nominee is having a hard time appealing to both.