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Thursday, November 1, 2012

The Economist: The American Presidential Election: The Economist Endorses President Obama

What I get from The Economist endorsement of President Obama is that they are endorsing him because. Of the situation that he inherited when he became President and how he handled it, not that they believe he's a great President or he's done a great job. But because the country has come out of the "Great Recession" okay and that it could've been a lot worse and that Mitt Romney. Hasn't shown then why his Presidency would've been better and how he would be a better President. The other reason that The Economist has endorsed President Obama, is because they believe they know. What they are getting with President Obama, what type of President he is and where he's is politically. Unlike with Mitt Romney's number one weakness being, that people simply don't know what they are getting with Mitt Romney, because he's had so many different positions on so many. Issues, would a President Romney be the Governor Romney from Massachusetts, Moderate Mitt that we are. Seeing since the Presidential Debates or Neoconservative Mitt that we saw in the Republican Primaries, attempting to appeal to the Religious Right.