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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Dennis Prager's Top 10 Ways Liberalism Makes America Worse": Why Dennis Prager is wrong about Liberalism

The Left as Conservatives like to call it, is wide range group of Political Ideologies. Ranging from Liberalism where I am, to State Socialism. People especially on the Right, like to call Communism part of the Left. But its actually a mix of Left on Economic Policy and Right on Social Issues. Far Left on Economic Policy, Far Right on Social Issues, Authoritarian across the board. Or at least this how Communism States practice Communism. And a lot of times when the Right Wing critiques the Left and Liberalism. They lump the entire Left into one package, the Center Left where I am, with the Far Left. Progressives and Classical Socialists and when they critique the Left, as far as the Role of Government. And claim how much we are in favor of Big Government, by the way I find it hysterical when Religious and Neoconservatives put down Big Government. Because they criticize something they support and maybe I'll get to that later. The Right Wing likes to say how much we are in favor of the Welfare State and want to make America like Europe.

When you critique the Left and you want to be accurate and honest. Explain what part of the Left your targeting. Because when you go after the Welfare State and the so called "Self Esteem Movement". That we all people need to feel good, whether we deserve to be or not. Your not talking about Liberals, your talking about Progressives. And when you go after the Left for being soft. Whether its crime, welfare, defense, terrorism etc. Your talking about Progressives or Anarchists, perhaps Libertarians. But your not talking about Liberals who created the National Security State. The institutions we used to combat and win the Cold War, as well as World War II. Progressives yes believe in Big Government but mostly as it relates to Economic Policy. But tend to be Liberal when it comes to Social Issues and believe in Freedom of Choice. Unlike Religious and Neoconservatives who support Big Government on Social Issues.

The Right Wing, unless they are Classical Conservatives, really have no business. When it comes to critiquing Liberalism, because they tend to lump the entire Left into one pot. It would be like Left Wingers saying that all Conservatives are bigots and hate minorities. And want to take America back to the 1950s and outlaw a lot of activities that are legal. And take away a lot of our Individual Liberty. Which is what a lot of Religious and Neoconservatives want to do. Just take a look at Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann.