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Saturday, November 16, 2013

ABC Sports: Video: MNF-NFL 1983-Week 1-Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins: Intro

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Interesting matchup in 1983 between the Cowboys and Redskins in this great rivalry and when at least it was a great rivalry. Perhaps the best in the NFL at the time. How times have changed in the last twenty-years or so as the Redskins has become at best a mediocre franchise, with Cowboys being a consistent playoff contender, but even when they make the NFC Playoffs, they don’t tend to do much in the playoffs. But what I believe made this Cowboys-Redskins matchup even more interesting, is that the shoe was on the other foot so to speak. Pre-1983 when they played the Cowboys were either the defending NFC or Super Bowl champions if not both, or they lost the NFC Final the year before. With the Redskins trying to either get back to the NFC Playoffs, or lost in the first round the year before. In 1983 the Redskins were the Super Bowl champions and beat the Cowboys in the NFC Final the year before.