Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley on Infrastructure Investments: Maryland Infrastructure and Economic Investment

I like the idea of Governor Martin O'Malley talking about proposing new Infrastructure Investment in Maryland. A State that needs it being as congested as we are. A State of 6M people, thats about 180 miles long and wide. A lot of people in a small space, plus with both Washington and Baltimore, two big cities within forty miles of each other. We have a lot of people all living in the same space. Having to share the same roads, anyone familiar with Washington Traffic and Rush Hour, knows what this is like. Because the Washington Area is one of the wealthiest or wealthiest areas in the country. Maryland also being one of the wealthiest if not wealthiest States in the Union. We haven't gotten hurt as bad by the "Great Recession", as lets say Michigan, Ohio or even California. So we do need better roads, more roads, more bridges, expansion of our roads. More Train Service and all of these things would produce new jobs. Because it would create more work.

I just don't like how Governor O'Malley's proposal to pay for the new Infrastructure Investment. And neither does the Democratic controlled State Assembly. The House and Senate aren't thrilled about being asked to raise taxes to pay for it. Income Taxes to pay for the Infrastructure Investment, in an Economic Recovery. Thats still fairly fragile, where we still have high unemployment and a State Deficit of 20B$. If your going to raise taxes to pay for new spending, you do it in a way. That doesn't hurt the economy, especially most of the people in the economy. You raise taxes on things where there's a large market for them. But where people don't actually need those products. To survive, you tax Luxury Items.

The way to pay for the new Infrastructure Investment in Maryland. Assuming there isn't enough revenue in the Trust Fund to pay for it. Through Gas Taxes, would be to raise taxes on things like alcohol and tobacco, Sporting Events and other entertainment. Maryland now has legalized gambling and we have casinos. Donate some of that revenue to pay for the new Infrastructure Investment. Not raise Income Taxes on Middle Class workers.

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