Tuesday, May 15, 2012

All New Cannabis Documentary!: The Benefits of Marijuana and the Costs of the War on Drugs

Last week Vice President Biden on NBC's Meet The Press, had what's been called a "gaffe" about Same Sex Marriage. Where he said he doesn't have a problem with it, which put some pressure on President Obama. To essentially say the same thing last Wednesday to ABC News 's Robin Roberts. Pressure because, the President's own Vice President at least officially doesn't have a problem with Same Sex Marriage. Why would the President have one, especially considering he's a Left of Center Democrat. President Obama has been struggling to appeal to both Democrats as well as Independent, who are both responsible. For putting him in the White House, he has to look tough enough, as well as reasonable to Independents. While at the same time appealing to Democrats and standing up for Democratic Values. He will protect entitlements and Civil Liberties etc, on Civil Liberties in my opinion and to many other Democrats. He's come up short, with the War on Drugs just being an example of that, which I'm going to get to.

Joe Biden is an accomplished lawyer, former Ranking Member and Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. One of the authors of the Violence Against Women Act, as well as the 1994 Crime bill. Barack Obama is an accomplished lawyer, former Law Professor and Community Organizer. They must understand these issues very well, forget about the politics for a second, they must understand what works and what doesn't work when it comes to Crime an Punishment. And the broader War on Drugs, which relates to Crime and Punishment and understand as well. That we now have 2M people in prison in America and around 500K or more, now doing in time in prison. For Drug Offenses, such as simple possession or use of narcotics and understand that money we are spending. Each year punishing people for what they do to themselves, locking people up in prison. Sending them away for years, for possessing pot or other narcotics. Or for being addicted to these narcotics, all the prison space these Drug Offenders. That we could save for real criminals, whop actually represent a threat to society, imagine that.

Again imagine Joe Biden and Barack Obama looking at the War on Drugs and Crime and Punishment. Just from a policy perspective and looking at the facts of these issues, they must understand what we are doing. What President Obama has pushed even farther, the War on Drugs, with all of the pot crackdowns, especially as they relate to Medical Marijuana. They must see that this is not working, that we War on Drugs is not working, that there must be a better way to deal with narcotics in America. If I had to pick just three issues that Democrats, especially Liberal Democrats. Progressive Democrats have many other issues with the President, which should be for another blog and I've covered in the past. The issues that Liberal Democrats have with President Obama, are the War on Drugs, the Patriot Act and Indefinite Detention. All issues that the President at least officially supports that Liberals such as myself hate. And why are some of use are considering voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson for President.

How about this for a gaffe for Vice President Biden, at his next Campaign Event. Or some forum where the War on Drugs issue comes up, he announces that the War on Drugs is failing. And that the Federal Government needs to rethink its policy on Marijuana Prohibition. And how we deal with Drug Addicts in America, it would make huge news and may even put. The Vice President's job at risk but it would be the right thing to do, because he would be correct on the issue.

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