Thursday, May 24, 2012

Egypt's Presidential Elections: "Three Things to Know": Democrats May be Taking Power

Very exciting times for the Arab Republic of Egypt, not sure if it will still be called that when they are done with their National Constitution. Hopefully they won't become the Islamic State of Egypt but we'll see but it looks like the Egyptian People will get to figure these things out for themselves. In the next few months, elections have consequences and the Egyptian People will hopefully make the right choices and hopefully they'll decide. That they want Freedom and to be Democratic, the largest country in Arabia as far as population, some 80M people with a lot of potential to grow. And eventually emerge as a Developed Nation, if the Egyptian People and their government allow for this to happen and they don't slip back into Military Authoritarianism or move to Theocracy. I doubt anyone is expecting Egypt to become a Liberal Democracy, whether inside or outside of Egypt though.

Egypt does have the potential to develop into some type of Democracy. Where they can select their own Leaders and Representatives, have choices in who they vote for, be free to speak and organize and be able to live their own lives. I wrote a blog last year arguing that the Turkish Model is the best way forward for Egypt. Where they have a Secular Government but where religion including Islam is respected and people can decide for themselves how to practice or not practice religion in Egypt but that the Federal Government would be neutral, other then respecting the right of religion. And what looks like is emerging now in Egypt, is that they have a choice between a Religious Conservative Party, the Muslim Brotherhood and a Secular Democratic Party or a Coalition of Secular Democrats.

Looks like Egyptian Democrats have the momentum and we'll see if they emerge in the Egyptian Elections, how they do in the Presidential Election and how they do in Parliament. And what Egypt will look like in the next few months.

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