Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Republic: Congress: Norman Ornstein: Liberal Wave In Senate Produces Third Golden Era Of Our Lifetime: The New Democratic Majority

Liberal Wave In Senate Produces Third Golden Era Of Our Lifetime | The New Republic

What I like about new Democratic class in the US Senate to go along with the veterans in the Democratic Caucus. Is that it represents the Democratic Party as a whole, the whole party has a voice in it and has members. That represent their positions and policies as well as the positions and policies of the party as a whole from Liberal Democrats. Like Dick Durbin who also happens to be the Deputy Leader of the Senate and Chuck Schumer the chief strategist. Of the Democratic Caucus, to Tammy Baldwin and Elisabeth Warren who represent the Progressive/Social Democrats. In the party to Joe Donnelly and Heidi Heit
camp who represent the centrist wing of the Democratic Party, the Moderate-Liberals. Thats how the Democratic Party regained, kept and added to their majority in the Senate because we don't rely. On one section of the country to win seats and one group of voters, we compete and win everywhere and represent. A lot of the political spectrum in America, from centrists, center-left Liberals to the far-left and the whole party. And most of the country gets a seat at the table in the Democratic Party.

To speak about my wing of the party the JFK Liberal Democratic coalition that Bill Clinton reenergized in the 1990s. We are the leaders of the party we don't hold all of the seats or offices but we run the party call the plays and put. A lot of the policies on the table and close the deals with Republicans when we have to do in order to get things. Done that have to get done like avoiding middle class tax hikes and seeing the country go into default to use as examples. But we've built a party thats not about Big Government or Small Government or believe that government should. Run peoples lives and its the job of government to take care of people but a Smart Government thats limited. And is about protecting individual freedom for those who have it and expanding freedom for those who don't have it. But need and deserve it which is one thing that separates us from a lot of the Republican Party right now who. Believe freedom should only be for people live their lives like them.

This is no longer the soft on crime, soft on defense, soft on welfare, anti gun, anti religion, anti success, wealth and business party. And I'm not sure we ever were but thats how we were stereotyped because we had a lot of Democrats who fit those labels. And still do but today's Democratic Party is about protecting and expanding freedom for the whole country. And not just the special few who already have it but having a system that works for the whole country and allows. Everyone to be able to make the most out of life that they put into it thats centered around empowerment. Education, job training and so fourth that will do what it takes to defend the country, that is also fiscally responsible. Democrats like this are what Progressives call Conservative or center-right but we are the real Liberal Democrats. In the country.

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