Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chris Van Hollen: Video: "House Republicans Refuse Vote on Democratic Plan to Replace Sequester": Why The Sequester Doesn't Have to Happen

If the sequester isn't replaced which is across the board budget cuts which only happens in Washington. Where you would cut things across the board, we have a budget deficit so lets cut things that we need to do as well as things that we don't need to do. And if anything lets cut the things we need to do more then the waste in the budget. Yeah thats a real good idea, if you work for the Federal Government but if you don't work there. You might be thinking no wonder their approval rating is so low because these people don't know what they are doing. They don't know how to run an organization and if these across the board cuts aren't replaced. We are going to see job losses in defense, homeland security, medical research and other areas when. We don't have to when the economy is already sluggish and where we still have high unemployment in this country. But again we are talking about the Federal Government that believes they have to scare the hell out. Of each other to force both sides to do the right thing. I love Washington the city and wouldn't want to live anywhere else, I'm just not crazy about the. People who work there who are suppose to be representing us.

Some people I believe on both sides have suggested that both party's don't believe that the debt and deficit. Is a big concern with them, otherwise they would've already solved the problem by now. Because both sides know what we have to do to solve this problem. We have an unaffordable healthcare system that Medicare and Medicaid the two largest health insurers in. The country are part of not by themselves, a lot of their problems have to do with how they were set up. And the broader healthcare system but they are certainly part of the problem and a big chunk of it. We have a overcommitted defense department and borrowed way too much money being in places we don't have to be at. We have a wasteful tax code that does little if anything to promote economic and job growth. And costs us about a trillion dollars a year that could be used for deficit reduction. And we have too many people who are unemployed and living in poverty otherwise we don't have the debt and deficit situation we have today.

So if this was real world, Congress and the President would've solved the debt and deficit about eighteen months ago. Or be working on it right now, got half of the deal done back in the summer of 2011 and right now working on the other half. Instead of trying to find ways to blame each other for a sequester thats about to happen that again is a crisis that was created by. The Federal Government and no one else and they would be working together on an economic and job growth plan that would reduce unemployment and poverty. But the problem is they don't live and work in a real world and are operating in Fantasy Land.

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