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Monday, May 14, 2018

Alfred Hitch Blog: Wemisse- Vertigo 1958: ‘I Need You To Be Madeline For a While’

Source: Alfred Hitch Blog- Kim Novak, under the Golden Gate Bridge-
Source: The New Democrat Plus

I saw North by Northwest for like the 200th time last night ( not that I’ve been counting ) because it’s my favorite movie and I hadn’t seen in about like an entire year and it has my favorite actor in Cary Grant, as well as my favorite director Alfred Hitchcock. I was just in the mood to see that movie again and watch Cary make a comedian of himself in every basic scene in the movie, with absolutely no direction from Hitch. The scene where he’s climbing out his hospital room and sneaking into another room from by going out his window into another window, is a perfect example of that. So I’m sort of in a Hitchcock mood, plus I love Kim Novak as well.

Source: Paste Magazine- Hollywood Goddess Kim Novak 
Vertigo is not the perfect movie, but North by Northwest is, but Vertigo has a lot things in it that are perfect. Where the movie takes place and is shot which is San Francisco, which is at least arguably the best looking big city in America, if not the world. You couldn’t shoot a movie in a better looking big city than San Francisco. The director who I don’t need to mention. The two lead characters with Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak. Kim playing a woman who in many ways is a lot like herself. Sort of shy and lacking in self-confidence. Which is almost impossible to believe when you look at Kim Novak and then she’s also a very good if not great actress as well, because she’s so real and turns herself into the women she plays.

Source: WTOP Radio- Hollywood Goddess Kim Novak 
To be familiar with ‘I want you to be Madeline for a while”, you have to be familiar with Vertigo itself. Which should go without saying, but it’s about a man who hires an old classmate of his who is a retired San Francisco police detective ( or inspector ) who is now in retirement completely and I guess living off of his pension, to essentially spy on his wife, because he believes she in some type of trouble. Or that’s what he tells Scottie ( played by Jimmy Stewart ) but really what this is about is Gavin Elster ( played by Tom Helmore ) playing Scottie for a fool and making him believe that Madeline ( played by Kim Novak ) is in love with him. And he falls in love with her and then she suddenly dies in the movie or that is what Gavin and Madeline want Scottie to believe. And he goes crazy and has a nervous breakdown and is not able to communicate at all and even does some time in a rest home to recover from his condition.

And then Madeline comes back, except that Madeline is now Judy Barton ( also played by Kim Novak ) and Scottie sees Judy who he believes strongly resembles Madeline at a store and Scottie is still in love with Madeline and decides he wants Judy to be Madeline and dress like Madeline and go to the same restaurants and places that Scottie and Madeline went to when they had their affair. Except that Judy is really Madeline Elster and she never actually died. She and her husband are just playing this scam on Scottie that he never figures out ( even though he’s a detective ) until the last scene in the movie. Where she actually does die for real.

If I had to do a scale for the best Hitchcock movies of all-time, Vertigo would be like number five. Alfred Hitchcock made a lot of films and made a lot of great films, but North by Northwest, Rear Window, To Catch a Thief, Dial M For Murder, Family Plot, are all better so Vertigo wouldn’t even be in my top five, but again Hitch made a lot of great movies, so number 6 is actually pretty good. But it had a great cast, great director, the writing is a little cheesy with grown men and women using words like darn with no sense that any of these people are very religious at all and there in San Francisco and in the late 1950s when moderate swearing in Hollywood movies was becoming somewhat noticeable. But it has am iterating plot and Jimmy Stewart and Kim Novak, are both very entertaining by themselves and Kim is hot, sexy, and adorable enough to get met to watch her in anything that she does.
Source: The Monty An Drew: Vertigo 1958- 'I Need You To Be Madeline For a While'

Monday, May 7, 2018

The New Republic: Opinion- Win McCormack: 'Are You Progressive'- Differences Between Progressive, Socialist & Liberal

Source: The New Republic- The Progressive Era-
Source: The New Democrat

Before I offer you my own personal definition of progressive and progressivism and there really isn't any official of progressive and progressivism unlike liberal and liberalism, or conservative and conservatism, I want to lay out what progressive and progressivism isn't. Even if others believe their so-called progressive values are the real progressive values. And people who disagree with those values are regressive or right-wingers.

Source: The Slide Player- Theodore Roosevelt, Progressive Republican 
Progressives aren't Liberals and they're not Socialists either. Progressives and Liberals, share similar values, but Progressives also share similar values with Conservatives, which I'll explain later. You can be a Liberal and believe that people who are down should be able to get help from to help them sustain themselves in their time of need ( for lack of a better phrase ) and to help them get back up. And you can be a Progressive who believes in free speech, the right to privacy, personal freedom generally, but who isn't a Liberal more broadly.

And just as important, Progressives aren't Socialists ( democratic or communist ) and Socialists aren't Progressives. In many cases the opposite is very clear. One of the most if not most regressive ( anti-progressive ) political philosophies in the world is communism. ( For all you young hipsters who think Communists are cool and communism is cool and wear Che Guevara t-shirts ) When it comes to Democratic Socialists, similar to Liberals, Democratic Socialists share similar goals and in some cases values. The belief in a minimum wage, the right for workers to organize, health care for everyone, that poverty should be addressed, etc. But tend to differ in how to accomplish those goals and don't have a big centralized welfare state tax hike solution, to accomplishing all those goals.

Again, about what progressive isn't, you can be a man-hating, anti-Caucasian, Che Guevara and The Weather Underground loving, radical feminist Marxist-Socialist, or just a Socialist but not a Marxist with those other political characteristics. Who believes individualism and property rights are selfish and capitalism and private enterprise is racist, and personal freedom and free speech are dangerous, or you can be a Progressive. Who is forward looking and believes that progress can be obtained through government action, but isn't looking to destroy or takeover the American Federal form of government with checks and balances and replace it with a  socialist government. But you can't be a Progressive and a Socialist-Communist. They don't go together and tend to be at odds with each other. Progressives believe in progress through government action. Socialists and Communists, believe in collectivism, whether it's democratic or communist.

So what is progressive, what are Progressives and what is progressivism? I actually know the answers to these questions, otherwise writing this piece would be a waste of my time.

As I briefly hit on before in the last paragraph Progressives believe not only in progress, but that progress can be obtained through government action. Doesn't have to be the Federal Government necessarily, we live in a federal republic with a federalist form of government. Which means the states and localities have a role in addressing a lot of these domestic issues. Also doesn't mean that the Federal Government doesn't have any role in addressing issues and problems in the country. Again, Progressives are different from Socialists, but also different from Conservative-Libertarians.

One thing that I like and respect about progressivism is how non-ideological and pragmatic it is. Barack Obama should really be the modern spokesperson and father for what progressivism really is in America, because of how pragmatic he was as President.

Progressives like to solve problems in American society. They're not looking to nationalize this or that, or restrict this current freedom or take that one away and make the country more collectivist.

And this is true going back to the Progressive Era ( which actually was progressive ) to the New Deal of the 1930s, the Dwight Eisenhower Progressive Republican Administration of the 1950s, where President Eisenhower successfully addressed civil rights in America with school desegregation and gave us along with Congress our national infrastructure system. Or the Great Society of the 1960s, as well as smaller but important accomplishments of President Richard Nixon dealing with the environment, President Carter with energy independence, President George H.W. Bush with civil rights, President Clinton with family and medial leave, President Obama with health care. Which I believe is just as important as anything from the New Deal, if not more important.

The first word in progressive is progress and the second word is ive. Maybe someone will someday define ive for me, ( ha, ha) but nowhere in the word do you see socialist, collectivist, communist, feminist, or even liberal. Our most Progressive President's have been our most anti-authoritarian and anti-communist President's. Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, and Barack Obama even with his major campaign against Islamism and ISIS.

I mentioned earlier ( feels like yesterday at this point ) that I would show you something that Progressives and Conservatives have in common. ( Mission impossible to believe, right ) Well, I just did that with the President's that I just mentioned. The belief in that America has to be both strong at home as well as abroad. That liberal democracy is a great thing that needs to be defended and supported and that authoritarianism whatever the philosophy, needs to fought and defeated. As well as limited government and fiscal responsibility. Before President Bill Clinton, the last American President to have a balanced budget, was President Lyndon Johnson. something to think about when you're looking at political philosophy and labels.

There's been a lot of discussion the last few years, more like going back to the start of the Obama presidency, about what's the difference between Liberals and Progressives, or are they the same thing and what's the difference between Liberals and Socialists, or Socialists and Progressives, are they the same things. Senator Bernie Sanders, has been labeled as all three or that he's all three. Which is not true because he's a Democratic Socialist and a proud one at that.

When you think of Socialist, think of socialism democratic or communist depending on the person. When you think of Liberal, think of liberalism which is about liberal democracy. When you think of Progressive, think of progressivism through government action, but in a limited form. Not government trying to do everything for everybody and trying to run people's lives for them. Which if anything is actually regressive with all the individualism and freedom that people would lose as a result.
Source: Learn Liberty: Progressivism & The New Deal

Monday, April 30, 2018

Leathered Life: Leathered Life Photos- Lena in Leather Jeans

Source: AKA Videos- Lena-
Source: Action

In about 2009 or so I discovered this website on YouTube called Leathered Life, which also has a YouTube channel and I pacifically discovered one of their models known as Lena. Don't know what her last name is and I would love to know that, but Leathered Life is a leather fashion website and Lena is one of their models where she models black leather jeans, black leather boots, and black leather jackets for them. The woman in black, perhaps Jim Morrison's long lost daughter as far as how much she wears and fashions, perhaps loves black leather. The leather jeans, boots, jackets, Jim Morrison would be very proud of her.

Source: ICM Ceast- Lena 
Leathered Life has several beautiful sexy models that I like including Laura and Sandra B, but Lena especially caught my attention. She's this beautiful baby-faced adorable curvy brunette, with a very tight body and a black leather fetish. She fills out leather jeans as well as Catherine Bach, Dyan Cannon, Lyda Cornel, ( for you Too Close For Comfort fans ) Tyra Banks, Janet Jackson, fills out denim jeans. With a tight curvy body, beautiful legs, and of course a beautiful butt. She caught my attention so much that I went online pacifically looking for photos of her and to add to a collection. And I have maybe 15-20 photos of her now. Don't worry Lena, I have made a penny from them and haven't even tried to.

Source: FRS FreeState via Flickr- Lena
As I mentioned before to look good in either denim or leather jeans, you have to have the right body for them, especially if they're skin-tight. They can't make you look fatter or skinner than you already are. They have to be true to size meaning they have to show your body exactly the way it is, or you're going to look silly in them. If they're too tight, you might spend an hour just trying to take them off and put them on and if they're too tight and low-rise and maybe you have a sensitive area that you shouldn't be hi lighting, you're going to show too much skin and and look like you don't know how to dress. Lena doesn't have that problem in her skinny leather jeans. She has a tight beautiful curvy body and her leather jeans just make that more obvious.

Source: Leathered Life via Flickr- Lena
Lena is a supermodel when it comes to leather fashion. She has the perfect body for leather jackets, jeans, and boots. She's the example of why leather jeans for sexy women should be more popular than they are in America, because if a woman or man does have a tight body, leather jeans will make that more clear and obvious and why leather jeans in America shouldn't just be popular for rock and biker culture. And a certain extent in western culture where you sometimes see cowboys and cowgirl sporting leather jeans especially Wrangler leather jeans.

Source: FRS FreeState via Flickr- Lena
I think the main concern that American women have with leather jeans, is that they're so tight especially if they're skinny jeans and they're worried about that, plus their legs overheating or something. But you can make the same argument for skinny denim jeans being too tight. But if you get the right fit then both skinny leather and denim jeans, can be comfortable. You have a lot of American women claiming to live in their skinny jeans and always wear them around the house and to most places they go outside of their house and even to work. The right leather jeans can be just as comfortable and denim jeans for women or men.

Source: AKA Videos- Lena
Lena along with Laura and Sandra B, ( also from Leathered Life ) are perfect examples that leather jeans can be just as sexy ( if not sexier ) and look just as good without being too revealing, as denim jeans and even skinny denim jeans. And examples of why I at least believe leather jeans should be more popular in America and not just see them on biker women and men, or rockers like Joan Jett, Melissa Etheridge, Meredith Brooks, Slash, Alice Cooper, and others. And that leather jeans could become a great alternative to denim jeans especially skinny jeans and something that beautiful sexy women can wear if they get bored with skinny denims.

Source: Leathered Life- Lena
I've loved seeing women in leather jeans since I was in high school ( back in the 1990s ) so no, Lena all by herself did not get me into the look and want to see sexy women in them. She's just one of the best if not best looking woman I've ever seen in them. Not the prettiest or cutest in them, but leather jeans look the best on her that I've ever seen. And I just wish Leathered Life wasn't the only fashion website or fashion organization that prompted leather jeans and we would see them more often and from more people and organizations and publications. Wrangler, Levi's, and other jeans makers also make leather jeans along with their famous denim jeans and I would love to see more people buying both denim and leather jeans.
Leathered Life: Hot Girls in Leather Jeans

Monday, April 23, 2018

Leathered Life: Andrea- Sexy Woman in Biker Leather Jeans

Source: Leathered Life- Biker Woman Andrea-
Source: Action

Short but very sweet, as far as the woman in this video, but as the person who made the video said, still sexy has hell. Why guys love biker women because of their style, their personalities, their abilities to handle motorcycles as well as men and in some cases better. But what always gets me and the thing I can never forget is their sex appeal. We're not talking about obese woman who need 5-6 meals a day to be happy with most of that food being junk food. Or stick-figure wannabe models, who only live off of brown rice, rice cakes, dark lettuce.

Source: Imgur- Biker Chicks 
We're talking about healthy sexy women who not only eat meat but other things as well that help people be strong and live healthy, including salads and fruits. The reason why biker women and men, wear a lot of denim and leather, well there several reasons having to do with the look, but also leather and denim jeans help protect the legs from the heat that is generated by the engine on the motorbike. So we're talking about healthy strong women, who wear a lot of leather and denim on their bikes and when they're at biker events and parties.

Source: E Biker Leather- Biker Chick
So you're talking about beautiful, sexy, well-built women, who are always in tight jeans and boots. Tight denim or leather jeans and boots. I believe the sexiest combo there is for women right now and still one of the most popular combos for women which is boots and jeans. Spring, summer, fall and winter, obviously being the most popular seasons for boots and jeans with women because of the weather. So you get to see these beautiful sexy women, in there boots and jeans. Generally denim jeans and boots, but in Andrea's case and lot of biker women's cases leather jeans and boots. And they're a pleasure to check out.
Leathered Life: Andrea- Sexy Biker Woman in Biker Leather Jeans

Monday, April 16, 2018

The Washington Post: George Will- 'Saying Goodbye To Football: Baseball is The True American Pastime'

Source: The Washington Post
Source: The New Democrat

I'm a big fan of baseball myself. Along with football, baseball is the only sport that I can follow for the entire season and actually still enjoy watching regular season games. Not just with the Orioles who I grew up with in Bethesda, Maryland and still consider them to be my number one team even with the Nationals now in Washington. And the Nationals who brought Major League Baseball back to the nation's capital where it's always belonged.

I just don't get the same satisfaction from the NBA or NHL with those two leagues today and I'm only interested in those leagues as far as how the Wizards and Capitals are doing as far as their playoff contention and to a certain extent their playoff games. I don't feel the need to watch the NBA Finals or Stanley Cup Finals anymore. It's just not that interesting for me anymore. That just might be me growing up and having better things to do in June now, or the quality of those leagues especially the NBA, not being what they were in the 1980s when I was a big fan of the NBA especially.

I'm not a fan of the current Roger Goodell and this league really is his league and he now owns it. It's a league where defense is discouraged, where the average playoff team probably throws the ball 60% of the time, because the NFL wants scoring and high-octane offense over everything else. Where playoff teams only have enough defense in order to get key stops towards the end of games. Where certain franchises are marketed and weighed more than others, because they're popular and the NFL believes if those markets are promoted more and better than others, that will somehow make the NFL more profitable. And of course I'm thinking of a certain franchise that plays near Boston, but they're other franchises that the NFL sees as the faces of the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants, and perhaps others. The NFL is now a celebrity oriented entertainment corporation, instead of a major pro sports league.

But where I disagree with George Will, has to do with the MLB becoming more popular than the NFL at some point. Even with the ratings and attendance down in the NFL ( as they should be ) Americans and this goes back to the early 1970s or so, prefer sports where there's a lot of action instead of seeing a lot of guys standing around on a field waiting for something to happen. Baseball like pool, is very interesting even with the delays in between action on the field.

But the reason why the NHL is a major pro sports league in America now is because of the constant fast paced action on the field. The hard-hitting and seeing these athletes do some incredible things on skates and on the ice. Even with the dangers of football, the only thing that I can see bringing that league down to the point where it's no longer the most popular league in America ( if not the world ) is Roger Goodell himself.

And Americans get fed up with the corporate celebrity driven entertainment oriented format of the league. With celebrities being taken seriously as real NFL analysts ( to use as an example ) and Americans decide that they want their sports to just be their sports and their entertainment and celebrity news, to just be those things. But not all combined in the same pot. Which is what you get with the NFL today.
The Washington Post: George Will- 'Saying Goodbye To Football: Baseball is The True American Pastime'

Monday, April 9, 2018

The Economist: Lane Green- Why Do We Swear?

Source: The Economist- don't piss this guy off!
Source: The New Democrat

Warning: this piece could offend a lot of people who are very religious and have a PG-13 mentality.

Before I explain why I believe we (meaning Americans, as if there is anyone else ) swear, first we should know what swearing is and what it isn't.

"Make a solemn statement or promise undertaking to do something or affirming that something is the case." That is not the type of swearing that I'm talking about. Joe swearing to his girlfriend Sally that he would never cheat on her again, is not the type of swearing that I'm talking about.

"Use offensive language, especially as an expression of anger." That is the type of swearing that I'm talking about." God dammit, where the fuck is that pizza I ordered a couple of hours ago?" That is more inline with what I'm talking about.

There is swearing and there is swearing. Which I know sounds like a great impression of Captain Obvious, but it makes my greater point. There is moderate swearing like damn or hell. And there is stronger swearing that will still get you bleeped even on network TV today. Like what the fuck, holy shit, mother fucker, fucking, etc, words and phrases that if you don't use when you're on HBO or Showtime or whatever the current action/thriller movie is today, you'll sound like you just flew in from Planet Zolkon or someplace and sound alien to the people who normally live on Earth. You can't watch an HBO, Showtime, or Cinemax show or movie today, without not just hearing those hardcore swear words, but hearing probably a hundred times in any given hour.

But what the hell is common on network TV not just today, but going back to the early and mid 1970s with shows like All in The Family, Maude, M*A*S*H, and others, but now we'll here hell in the nightly newscasts and all over cable news. Like, "they're going to have a helluva time putting that back together. Or, "what the hell was he thinking?" Which seems to be a common question today when talking about someone involved in the Trump Administration. ( Ha, ha )

But damn you might sound like moderate cussing, especially with today's reality TV/HBO/Showtime/Cinemax, etc audience, but when you're damming someone, you're condemning them to hell. Damn you is not a complement. "Damn you Tom! You're doing a great job" That might sound like a complement, but it's not. Now, "damn you Tom! You're an hour late. Where the hell have you been?" That is more inline with how damn you is used which is to express anger at someone because they pissed you off. Pissed off again with today's reality TV slash cable TV Millennial audience, might sound like moderate swearing, but it isn't.

Now, why as a country does America swear so much? And again I'm not talking about moderate swearing, but the favorite swear words of cable TV and reality TV? I believe it has to do with America's obsession with sounding cool, as if the people we are as ourselves is not cool enough. The more pissed off we sound as people in America, the cooler we come off. Cool in the traditional sense as someone who is level-headed and takes things as they come, we've been here before, no big deal, like Joe Montana quarterbacking the San Francisco 49ers when the game is not online, someone with a personality like that would look really cool 25 years ago even.

But now with this obsession with being part of whatever the latest trend in awesome or whatever is and becoming famous celebrities in our own right and people feeling the need to be cool and famous so badly, anger sells now and sells a lot. If you're caught on camera or video getting into a fight at a nightclub looking real pissed off and cussing your ass off, that video of you could go viral and you could become famous just based on that with someone later contracting you and wanting to get to know you and probably have some entertainment business opportunity for you.

But if you're just at that club having a good time and perhaps you just have one girlfriend and to go back to Joe Montana with that Joe Cool personality, you'll just be another guy at that club. You want to be famous, show up to that same club with multiple girlfriends and that will improve your image with the people that you want to see you as cool.
The Economist: Lane Green- Why Do We Swear?

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Consumer Affairs: My Sick Week With The Flu

Source: Consumer Affairs-
Last Saturday not yesterday, but the Saturday before that, I was at my desk in my office working on my blog doing some updating on some of my pieces. I generally don't blog on the weekends as far as adding new material, but I do like using Saturday and Sunday to do stuff with the blog that I generally don't have time for during the week when I'm writing full-time.

I felt fine up until about 4-5PM Saturday when I started developing a big of a headache. I guess sort of the how the passengers from Airplane 1980 ( great movie ) felt fine until they had the meal on the plane before everyone started feeling sick from food poisoning. By Saturday night I was in bed trying to feel better and recover and hopefully get some energy. Which didn't work because I did fall asleep but woke up with no appetite and not feeling very well. I'm sitting at my couch watching and old NFL game on TV and all the sudden I felt like I was outside in Alaska sitting on a frozen pond in January naked. I was so damn cold I was literally shivering. It wasn't even that cold, it was about 50 degrees outside and even somewhat humid and I'm fully dressed and have a big blanket around me trying to stay warm.

Sunday wasn't much better. Tried to have some cereal and get some food in my stomach but only managed a few spoonfuls. And spent most of Sunday in bed. If there is anything that is positive about the flu, at least in my case is that I tend to sleep very well with it, because I'm always tired and have no appetite. Monday I was just tired and achy the whole day, but I did managed to get something to eat and had some spaghetti around 7PM. Tuesday was worst than Monday. Again I was in bed a lot with nothing to eat I believe the entire day and that shivering feeling came back where I'm in bed fully dressed with a couple blankets around me, but I did sleep well and managed to get through that.

Wednesday is when my body started to recover noticeably and got hungry around 2PM with some energy and felt well enough to go out and get some lunch. It wasn't very good, a chili dog from my neighborhood 7-11. I was literally disappointed because their hot dogs tend to taste good. Their chili and cheese sauce tends to taste good as well, but at least I was eating lunch again and had something for diner as well and I was also able to get outside without worrying about I was going to puke or something ( sorry if you're currently eating ) and felt well enough to get outside, run an errand and have something to eat. Thursday was even better and was able to get a real lunch, and do some bike riding again.

Friday, went out to McDonald's, did a little shopping and rode through Little Falls Park ( here in Glen Echo and Bethesda, Maryland ) beautiful day with the weather being about 65-70 degrees that day with it finally feeling like spring in this area. I was so sick and had no energy this week that I wasn't even up to checking my email and opening up my computer for anything. Relying exclusively on my I-phone for updates and information. Didn't check into any of my social networks all week until yesterday when I finally checked back in online and caught up on my email. Which is what I did yesterday.

I still don't feel as well today as I did the Friday before I got the flu the last weekend, but I'm moving around feeling well with some real energy flow again and I'm obviously blogging, so I guess I could feel a helluva lot worst than this. Not that I want to put that theory to any test. One week with the flu is all I need for a year. Actually this would be enough for two years.

Not sure about anyone else, but when I have the flu all I want to do is get a lot of sleep and get a break from the aches and pains, whatever headache I might have and be in some place where I'm not in pain. I drink a lot of water, showers provide real relief from the flu. Milk and soft drinks, help out as well and they also help me with my energy level. I'm generally a 24-48 sometimes even less than 24 hours guy when it comes to the flu, but my sick week with the flu might just be a sign that I'm getting older and my immune system is not as strong as it use to be.
Source: Seeker: Why The Flu Causes Aches & Pains