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Thursday, January 5, 2012

George Will: "Dependency on Government Is the Liberal Agenda": What George Will doesn't know

Ronald Reagan a man I'm sure the great Conservative Author and Columnist George Will admires. Had a saying that its not that people don't know thats the problem. But its the amount that people don't know thats not true thats the problem and the people who are dangerous. Are the people who who know so much thats not true and actually believe what they say. Michelle Bachmann qualifies for the ladder, George Will who I like for his sharp wit and intellect. About politics, sports and other issues qualifies for the former when it comes to Liberalism. I'm a Liberal and Damn Proud of it thats how I describe my politics and its always how I've been describing my politics. Since I started following politics in my late teens. I'm a Liberal Democrat because I believe in Liberal Democracy and thats what Liberalism is about, Liberty for the Individual. Not because I believe in State or that Governments job is to make society equal. Governments role is to insure that everyone has a good opportunity to reach their potential in life. Based on what they contribute to society, not to try to manage outcomes and thats what separates Liberals from Progressive Socialists. Who believe the Role of Government is to insure that Equality of Outcome is insured in society. Not Equality of Opportunity which are two different things and what George Will is describing. When he talks about Liberalism, looks like Socialism or Progressivism which are different Political Ideology's from Liberalism.

I've never called myself a Progressive because today's definition of Progressive and perhaps in the past. Even though the first eight letters in Progressive spells Progress. And if Progressive is someone who believes in Progress then I'm definitely a Progressive. But the Popular Definition of Progressive is someone who believes in using Government. To insure Quality Outcomes in Society, someone who wants to use Government to Ensure Equality of Outcome in Society. Which is different then Equality of Opportunity, thats a simple definition. But the best way to ensure Equality of Opportunity I believe as a Liberal. Is through Individual Liberty empowering people through education and Job Training. So they can have the Individual Liberty to reach their Full Potential. If I was a Progressive, I would believe in using Government by empowering it to ensure Equality of Outcomes. By raising taxes on people who are already doing well, to take care of the people. Not empower the disadvantage but take care of the people who are disadvantage, with high Tax Rates on the rich and probably Middle Class as well. And thats George Will's whole point about Government Dependence.

To talk about Liberalism, Conservatism, Libertarianism, Progressivism whatever it may be, it helps to know what your talking about. Otherwise your quite frankly speaking out of your ass. Liberalism and Progressivism or Socialism are different Political Ideology's and not one in the same. And Conservatives especially Neoconservatives who are different from Conservatives like to make Liberals look bad. By trying to make us look like Socialists.