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Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Manson Family Today: Video: The Manson Murders: History Channel

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Charles Manson had the perfect group to do his evil deeds, so to speak. Because his group was similar to him in the sense that they didn’t seem to fit in very well in mainstream society. Even Manson’s soldiers all came from solid middle class backgrounds and could’ve all ended going to college before they went to prison for their murders. But instead ended up with Charlie Manson, because they felt for some reason that their families no longer wanted them. Charlie, had just gotten out of prison for the last time, in 1967-68 and ends up in the San Francisco area. And meets up with these very young women and Tex Watson, in their late teens. And sees that they are lost and offers them his love and takes them in. And they embraced him and the Manson Crime Family is formed as a result.

Bob Parker: ABC News 45-85- Post-World War II

Source: Bob Parker- ABC News's Ted Koppel-
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It would be another thirty-years until I was born when World War II was officially over in 1945. So it’s not like I can talk about post-World War II America with any personal experience. I’m going off of what I’ve learned about it from books, publications and documentaries. But this was a time when America came back and came back stronger than it ever was, at least to this point. The Great Depression was finally over and America was moving again. Emerging as the economic, diplomatic and military power of the world. Russia was obviously a major competitor to us from both a military and diplomatic perspective. But America was the power because of what we stood for.

America transitions from a depressing time of economic depression and war, to a period of peace at least abroad, but not at home. To where we were the military and economic power of the world. And where we could influence any part of the world that wanted what we already had. Peace, freedom an independent and developed economy. We rebuild Europe after Europe destroyed themselves. We rebuilt Japan after they attacked us and we practically destroyed them to end that war with them. America had it all from an economic and military perspective and were prepared to use it to further our interests around the world. When Harry Truman became President of the United States in 1945, he really was inheriting a powerful great giant of a country. That had never been stronger.

America was not just moving again, but moving to not just be as strong as we can at home, but abroad as well. Neoconservatives I think love this time, because America was fighting to expand democracy and freedom around the world. Not just in Europe, but in the Orient in Japan and the later Korea. America perhaps overestimating their strengths and power and underestimating China’s and Communist Korea by trying to unite all of Korea under a democratic system. And as a result we left Korea deadlocked between a communist North and a democratic South in the 1950s. But South Korea thanks to America, is one of the strongest countries in the world today as well. This was an incredible time when America almost seemed invincible.
Bob Parker: ABC News- 45-85- Post World War II

ABC News: Video: Good Morning America: New Jersey Judge Rules in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage

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Governor Chris Christie should just layoff of this same-sex-marriage case for a couple of reasons. One of them political and the other practical. The political one being that he’s the only Republican that may be able to win New Jersey and other states in the Northeast. And big states in the Midwest if he were to run for President in 2016. But he takes a hard stand against same-sex-marriage that would hurt him in his home state and the Northeast. Even if it helps him with the Christian-Right. The other being a practical one that he would probably lose an appeal in the New Jersey Supreme Court that probably has either a lot of Democratic appointees, or Republicans who are open to same-sex-marriage. There’s nothing for him to gain in pushing opposition to same-sex-marriage except for maybe fundamentalist Christians in the Bible Belt. That probably do not like him anyway because he’s Catholic and from New Jersey and perhaps even that he’s Italian. So he should just drop it.