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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

GOV. Martin O'Malley Decries "Hard Right Turn" of GOP: The Governor nails it

The Republican Party use to be a Party about ideas and an anti Big Government Party. Get Big Government out of my wallet and bedroom, that Sen. Barry Goldwater said. And even during the Republican Congress's of the 1990s as the Christian Right became more powerful in the GOP. They were still a Party about ideas, attempting to build off of the Reagan Revolution, which is what Speaker Newt Gingrich attempted to do. That all changed when George W. Bush became President in 2001, they basically became a Neoconservative Party. The Religious and Neoconservatives took over the GOP. And they became a Big Government Party, that still wanted Big Government out of their wallets. But were comfortable with Big Government going to bed with people each night and telling us how to live. They went away from Classical Conservatism, which is why Libertarians left the Party. And ideas and factually based evidence and became a Party about Political Ideology. Putting facts aside in favor of their Neoconservatism to put their Neoconservative Agenda through. They were no longer a party defending their Conservative Values and only spending what you take in. And not empowering the Federal Government and returning power to the States and people. To a party that increased the power of the Federal Government, borrowing a trillion dollars for a Preemptive War. Borrowing 500B$ for Medicare Advantage and a trillion dollars for two Tax Cuts. Increasing Federal Power in Public Education with No Child Left Behind, passing down more Unfunded Mandates. Something they use to hate.

Thirty years ago Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann would be considered Far Right Fringe Candidates. And treated like Pat Robertson but in today's Neoconservative Party, they are part of the mainstream. Because today they are a Neoconservative Party that considers Same Sex Marriage and Islam National Security threats. Even bigger threats then terrorism itself. This is not your fathers or grandfathers GOP but a party that now represents the Far Right in America. With a few Conservatives and Libertarians mixed in.