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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Stanley Kurtz: "Barack Obama Radical-In-Chief": Some people will say anything

In today's politics when people on the Right and especially Far Right when they are worried about a Democrat, especially a Liberal Democrat. Take Barack Obama to use as an example, they call that person a socialist, whether they even know what socialism really is. Which is a diverse Political Ideology with many levels, similar to libertarianism in it diversity but much different in ideology obviously. Barack Obama clearly has leftist leanings in his background, even hanging out with socialists. But thats different from actually being a socialist, I talk to conservatives and libertarians on a regular basis. Doesn't mean I'm one of them, I think for myself just like Barack Obama. The main reason why the Far Left flank in the Democratic Party and Progressive Independents. Don't like President Obama right now and have threatened to run a Progressive Candidate. Like Ralph Nader or Dennis Kucinich against President Obama in the Democratic Primary's. Is because President Obama is not a socialist, he's not even a Democratic Socialist. Which is what Sen. Bernie Sanders is and that exactly how he describes his politics and is or has been a Member of the Democratic Socialist Party. To know that Barack Obama is not a socialist, just look at his Presidency. And the Legislation he's passed and proposed and the reversals he's made on major issues.

To know that President Obama is not a socialist again just look at his Presidency and how he's not done what socialists wanted him to do. During the Stimulus Debate in 2009, Democratic Socialists were calling for a a Stimulus of around 2T$, an FRD style New Deal Stimulus. With all these new Federal Agency's that would do all these Works Projects putting Unemployed Workers back to work. Which is what Progressive Economist Paul Krugman was calling for. The President and Congress put together a bill called the American Recovery Act of around 800B$ about 25% of that Tax Cuts. Another thing socialists don't tend to like and the House Progressive Caucus proposed exactly what socialists were calling for back in April. The Healthcare Reform Debate again another perfect example of that, socialists obviously were calling for a Single Payer Health Insurance System. And settled for a Public Option in Health Insurance as their compromise but President Obama who supports the idea of a Public Option. Settled for the Affordable Care Act which instead has a Tax Credit for individuals to buy their own Private Health Insurance. As well as a Patients Bill of Rights to regulate Private Health Insurers.

If your going to throw out the term socialist especially in America and you use that term to put people down. You should at least have some idea of what the hell your talking about. Who the person that your labeling socialist is and exactly what socialism is. Otherwise your just throwing terms because your ignorant or your a Political Attack Dog. Which is exactly what americans hate about American Politics right now.