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Monday, July 11, 2011

Thomas Sowell: The Difference Between Liberal and Conservative: Now the Actual Differences

If you look at what actual Classical Liberalism is which I just view as liberalism, not Classical Liberalism or Modern Liberalism. And you look at what Classical Conservatism, which I just view as conservatism is. And I'm not talking about what's been called Modern Liberalism, which is actually Democratic Socialism a form of socialism. Or Neo Conservatism which is actually a from of authoritarianism. But actual liberalism and conservatism, they are actually not that different. They both believe in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, they both believe in protecting and defending those rights. They both believe in Individual Liberty and individualism, they are both internationalist on Foreign Policy, they both believe in a strong National Defense. They both believe in American Capitalism, they both believe in Limited Government. They actually have a lot in common, perhaps more then they don't have in common. They both believe in Self Governance, that people have the right to live their own lives as they see fit as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom. That government should protect innocent people from being harmed by others but not try to protect adults from themselves. And not try to regulate how adults live their own lives. The differences come in how these things are carried out. They have differences when it comes to interpreting the US Constitution, they are both internationalists but in different forms. Liberal Internationalists tend to be more willing to negotiate and Conservative Internationalists tend to be more willing to use Military Force. Liberals tend to be more in favor regulation in the economy to prevent people from abusing other people. Conservatives tend to believe that regulation isn't always needed and that the Free Market can work these abuses out on its own. They both believe in Limited Government but again in different forms and I'll use the economy as an example. Liberals tend to believe that government can be used to help people who are down help themselves to become Self Sufficient. Conservatives tend to believe that a lot of these Social Services should be privatized and let the market empower these people instead.

See liberalism and conservatism are both centered around the US Constitution and Individual Liberty. Protecting Individual Rights and letting people live their own lives. Liberal comes from the word liberty and conservative meaning someone who wants to conserve and when it comes to Politics and Government. That means conserving Constitutional Rights for individuals. Liberals and conservatives might have more in common then they don't and if they were the two leading Political Ideology's in the country right now. With Democratic Socialism and authoritarianism, whether its theocratic or or secular being on the outside looking in. Instead of being considered part of the mainstream of American Politics. Then America would be a much more united country.