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Monday, November 7, 2011

What is Classical Liberalism?: Why I'm a Liberal

The Professor in this video does a pretty good job of laying out what Classical Liberalism is. That its about Individual Liberty and protecting Individual Liberty and is skeptical of power. Governmental Power or too much power in the Private Sector because as the Professor says. Power is the ability to make people do what they otherwise wouldn't do. And liberalism is also about Rule of Law, not being "Soft on Crime" as people have stereotyped liberals. But that government should protect people from the harm of others, not try to protect people from themselves. Liberalism is about Individual Liberty and Limited Government those are the main two principles. All other aspects of liberalism get to that, how to promote, advance and protect Individual Liberty. About individualism not collectivism which is about expanding government and spending more on Social Insurance. Or creating new Social Insurance programs but laying out exactly what government should be doing. Again to promote, advance and protect Individual Liberty, the Constitutional Rights of Individuals. To live their own lives and be as successful in life as their production will allow. To take out of life what they put into it and limiting government to doing what it can and does well. And what it only can do and should do, not having government try to solve every problem that society faces. And these are the things that liberalism is about, coming from liberty. Its not socialism or even progressivism using government to make society better. It is progressive though, because again its about promoting, advancing and protecting Individual Liberty for all not just some.

In the early 20th Century during the Teddy Rossevelt era which was called the Progressive Era. There was this feeling that America had to much inequality. And that a lot of americans were falling through the cracks in the economy and that government should step in and solve these programs. Create things like Unemployment Insurance, National Health Insurance, protecting Workers Rights and Worker Safety. And a lot of these things were achieved in the FDR New Deal in the 1930s. These are all Progressive Policy's and a lot of liberals all support these goals. But these aren't Liberal Policy's, because they are about using government to help people in need. Instead of empowering people in need to help themselves become Self Sufficient. And they may sound similar but they are different because a lot of people who are called liberal today. Are really not they have liberal positions on most if not all Social Issues. But they tend to have Progressive Socialist views of Economic Policy. And that government especially the Federal Government should be a lot bigger to solve the problems that society faces.

Its great that people who actually understand what liberalism is and what its about speak out about it. Give speeches and lectures about it and even make videos about it. Because a lot of americans especially in the media don't understand what liberalism is. And get it mixed up with Progressivism and Democratic Socialism. Which unlike liberalism aren't Individualist Ideology's but Collectivist Ideology's using government through high Tax Rates to make society equal. Where liberalism is about using government to make people freer so we can all as a society enjoy Individual Liberty.