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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Movie Clips: Vertigo 1958- Judy Jumps

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The movie Vertigo had several sad scenes.  Madeline, played by Kim Novak, supposedly dies  and Scotty, played by Jimmy Stewart, who was in love with Madeline,  is committed to a mental hospital because of his reaction to her death.  But Judy, also played by Kim Novak, a goddess of a women dies for real.  She is my favorite character in the movie because with all the supposed freedom in the world,  she was so vulnerable.

VOA News: Video: Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Plans Biggest Army Cuts Since World War II

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Secretary Hagel's proposed cuts in the defense budget address activities that the United States can no longer afford and no longer needs to be doing. This is not about making the United States weaker when it comes to national security and not being able to successfully deal with any threat in the world whether it is North Korea or international terrorism or being able to deal with humanitarian crisis's that come up when authoritarian states murder and brutalize their own people.

Profiles in History: Video: Marilyn Monroe's Subway Dress From The Seven Year Itch

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One of the most famous scenes in Hollywood history happened in one of the most conservative times in American history, the 1950s, when women weren't expected to show off their physical beauty and were looked down upon when they did. In this scene, the goddess of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, showed millions of people around the world part of what she had to work with from a physical standpoint and a big reason why she was so popular.

Movie Clips: Vertigo 1958- Judy Becomes Madeline

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Scotty played by Jimmy Stewart falls in love with Madeline played by Kim Novak who also happens to be the wife of a client of Scotty's who is a private detective conducting and investigation of Madeline for Madeline's husband. Madeline apparently dies but not really and Scotty finds a women who looks a lot like Madeline only she has red hair instead of blonde and he becomes obsessed with Judy the red head because she reminds her so much of Madeline but Judy and Madeline are the same women.