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Saturday, August 20, 2011

"The End of Neoliberalism": The Myth of Neoliberalism

This notion of "Neoliberalism" that Democratic Socialists use to describe liberalism is a myth and when they talk about "Neo Liberals" the Bill Clinton's of the World. They are talking about actual liberals, people who are not as liberal as me especially on Social Issues but Economic Policy or even Foreign Policy. But they are still liberals with liberal positions and not centrists. Socialists don't like what they call "Neoliberalism" because it doesn't fit into their Collectivist Ideology. And liberals tend to support things like strong National Defense, strong Law Enforcement, Free Trade, Tax Cuts, Low Taxes, Fiscal Responsibility. Decentralization of Government Power, government living within the US Constitution. Empowering people to help themselves instead of empowering government to take care of them. Freedom of Choice in Health Care and on other Economic Issues as well as Social Issues. Liberalism unlike socialism is not Government Centered but People Centered, liberalism is and Individualist Ideology similar but different from Classical Conservatism and libertarianism. Whereas socialism is a Collectivist Ideology, government shouldn't allow some people to do a lot better then others and take from them when they do etc. And socialists especially in the Democratic Party, especially don't like people who I would call Moderate Liberals who emerged in the Democratic Party in the mid 1980s, people who were labeled "New Democrats". The Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman's of the World, democrats who wanted to move the party past the New Deal and Great Society and George McGovern era. When democrats were labeled by conservatives and others and I believe to a certain extent had a case. As Tax and Spenders, people who believe in a strong Centralized Federal Government with High Taxes to finance it. And saw the Democratic Party get whipped in three straight Presidential Elections from 1980-88 as well as lose the Senate in 1980 for the first time a generation. And saw the Republican Party hold the Senate for two more elections and decided it was time to move the Democratic Party past this era.

So you have Democratic Socialists in the Democratic Party who are anti liberalism because they know that their main competition in the party and also know liberals run the party. And you have others who don't know any better that get liberalism mixed up with libertarianism and people on the Far Right who mix up liberalism with Democratic Socialism. Libertarianism and Classical Conservatism are similar Political Ideology's from liberalism but are different. The similarity's are that all three of these ideology's are built around the US Constitution and Individual Freedom. The differences are that libertarians want government out of the economy all together and just want government to protect Individual Freedom and keep the streets safe. Classical Conservatives would like to privatize of Block Grant to the States a lot of the American Welfare State. Liberals believe government can help people in need empower themselves to become Self Sufficient and these are just the differences on Economic Policy.

The idea of "Neoliberalism" is a myth from Democratic Socialists who don't like liberalism and especially Moderate Liberalism. They feel they use to run the Democratic Party from the 1930s up to the 1990s and feel left out. And would like to get their power and back and take back the Democratic Party.