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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

AP: US Housing Construction Jumps to 4-year High

Just another indicator that the economy is moving, with how the Construction Industry is moving and. We'll probably see a jump in Economic Growth at the end of the year as a result and something like the American Jobs Act and a 5-10 year investment from the Federal Government as well as Private Sector. To rebuild the country, 100-200B$ a year thats paid for in this venture, would complete a lot of much need work in our Public Infrastructure and put millions of Americans back to. Work rebuilding this country and we would see a big boost in Economic Growth as a result, this is something that the President wants to do, I just wish he would take the time to do it in one of these. Debates, because it would go a long way in laying out for the country what his second term would look like and why he should be reelected and is something that Mitt Romney wouldn't be able to. Counter him, probably call it nothing more then some new big spending program, when its not, its really about Economic Growth, that the Federal Government would invest part in but not actually run the program.