Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Democratic Strategist: William Galston- 'Democrats Play Better on Defense'

Source:FRS FreeState- U.S. Senate Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.
Source:FRS FreeState 

"Dec. 30 (Bloomberg) -- William Galston, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, and Veronique de Rugy, senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, talk about the outlook for Congress once it convenes in 2011.
     They speak with Carol Massar on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)"

Source:Bloomberg News- Brookings columnist William Galston, talking to Bloomberg News.
From Bloomberg

The Democratic Party strategy from the White House and Congress for the 112th Congress looks like to me to be a defensive strategy. “Let the House GOP go first on major legislation and then attack them and try to make them look bad. And bringing that legislation up in the Senate just to force the Senate GOP to go on the record.” If the Senate GOP votes in favor of House GOP legislation, then Senate Democrats have something else they can use against the Senate GOP. If the Senate GOP blocks or votes against the House GOP legislation, then that shows a divide between the House and Senate GOP. And just something else Democrats can use against the House GOP.

It’s all about politics right now for Democrats. “How to get President Obama reelected, how to keep control of the Senate and how to retake control of the House. And once again have all the power going into the 113th Congress.” The White House and Congressional Democrats don’t believe they have an agenda that they can sell to the American public, or that they can get out of Congress right now. With a GOP House and a large Senate GOP minority that can block anything. And neither party believes they can compromise, because they are worried about offending their fringes in their parties. And risking a primary challenge in 2012.

So the reason why the White House and Senate Democrats aren’t pushing any major legislation right now, is they don’t believe they can pass anything or get the sixty votes in the Senate to prevent the Senate GOP from blocking it. And they are expecting the House GOP to self-destruct on their own and don’t feel the need to counteroffer. House Democrats were whipped in the 2010 mid-term elections, losing over sixty seats and are no longer in power in the House. Senate Democrats, still in the majority, but no longer have a large majority. House Republicans feel they have the wind at their backs now and can force the Senate and President Obama to at least take stands on their policies. And we’ll see how far they’ll try to push their agenda that isn’t very popular even outside of the Tea Party. And at what cost to them.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Sexy Records Channel: 'Sexy Woman- Candid Down The Street- In Tight Jeans'

Source:Sexy Records Channel- Talk about human curve appeal.

"Sexy Woman // Candid down the street // In Tight Jeans" 

From Sexy Records Channel 

I love confident women who know they look good and sexy. Women who know that they are sexy and know men know they are sexy. And want the world to know that they are sexy and have the confidence to show people that they are sexy. I’m not talking about arrogance or women thinking they are more than they actually are. But beautiful well-built women who take care of themselves, who eat full-balanced meals and workout. 

Not women who starve themselves or eat like there’s no more food around. But women who take care of themselves and have the confidence to show others how healthy they are. Sexy women to me love wearing tight jeans, whether they are denim jeans or leather jeans. Leather jeans on women being more popular in Europe than in America. Unfortunately from the perspective of an American man. 

Tight jeans are a perfect way for a sexy women to show off their body. Because they highlight their curves so much. But they have to be careful with them and make sure they are wearing the right pair of tight jeans, denim or leather. Because if they have an aspect they don’t want the world to see, if they are wearing the wrong pair of tight jeans, everyone will know. 

Because of tight jeans highlight a women’s curves. Sexy women should have no problem showing the world how they look. Because they are sexy and a lot of people, especially men would like to see that. But if you are rail-thin, or you are lets say twenty-pounds or more overweight and even obese, you'll look even much more so, especially if you are wearing skin-tight or skinny jeans. 

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sandy Sticklake: ‘How Women Put on Tight Jeans’

Source:Sandy Sticklake- Skin-tight jeans, or too-tight jeans? 
Source:The Daily Press 

“How women put on tight jeans.” Originally from Sandy Sticklake, but the video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.
Thanks to revolution of tight designer dark wash denim jeans of the late 70s and into the 80s and with those style of denim jeans coming back in the late 90s and exploded even further in the last decade and has kept growing, sexy women in America and around the world now have another ability to show off their sex appeal. Especially with acceptance of tight and now skinny denim as a mainstream versatile pant. That can be worn in multiple ways and in multiple places.

You now see women wearing tight jeans to the office and not just on Casual Friday anymore. And we now see women wearing them with suit jackets and blouses. And of course with leather jackets and of course my favorite with boots, leather and suede. You see women wearing tight denim in boots and over boots. That first came into style in the late 70s, but came back in a big way six years ago and I don’t think that look is going away anytime soon.

Especially for the fall and winter, because denim is both a practical look, like in bad cold weather, but also very stylish and sexy. Men love sexy Women who wear tight denim on a regular basis. And women know this and apparently are more than willing to get our attention with them. There are women who literally wear tight denim jeans everywhere and all the time.

The only thing about tight denim, especially as it comes to skinny jeans, is there’s not a lot of room for error with them. Women better being wearing the right tight denim jeans for their body. Because they are very revealing, just like skin-tight leather jeans. (Just ask Jim Morrison) So if you have something about your body, especially your lower body that you don’t want to reveal, skin-tight denims are not the pants for you.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Geo Beats: 'How to Pick Denim- Women's Fashion Guide'

Source:Geo Beats- Rear view of a woman with great curve appeal.
Source:The Daily Press
"How to Pick Denim - Women's Fashion Guide as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. 

When shopping for denim, the number one place you want to look is the back. Most people look at the front, we look at the side, make sure nothing is hanging out, but we are not spending a lot of time back here. This is where you need to look. So make sure you have got a three-way mirror and you have got a good view of what is going on back here. This is a classic five pocket jean, which means you have got the two pockets on the front plus a coin pocket on the right side and then your two pockets back here. You want to make sure the pocket size is no, just a little bit smaller or maybe a little bit bigger, about the size of your hand, not grossly out of proportion from this." 

From Geo Beats

As a man, you gotta love women who know they are sexy and aren’t afraid to let the world know it. It's a major reason why we love women and what get's our attention at first site. And once they have our attention, then we can get to know them. If we like them not just physically, but personally as well, then we see them again. If they like us, it's a beauty in the male-female relationship. 
We get each others attention with our eyes. "Hum I think I’m attracted to that person, I would like to meet them". And if you discover you like them personally as well and they like you, then  you go out with them and you continue to see each other. As long as you get along and find each other interesting. But it's the physical attraction that get's our attention first, it's really that simple. 
Some might say that's superficial, others like myself believe that's just honest and truthful. If you see an unattractive woman or man in a bar, restaurant, club or whatever, your first instinct, unless there’s a financial motivation involved, generally won’t be to walk up to them and get to know that person. Generally speaking, that's just being honest and truthful. 
It's people's eyes that draws their attention to other people in public. Especially at bars, restaurants and clubs. And sexy women and men know this, which is why they’ll look and dress in a certain way to get people to notice them. And when they have our attention, we'll approach them if we believe they are single and approachable, generally. And we take both take it from there.  

Monday, May 23, 2011

Zoltan Toth: 1980s MISL

Source:Zoltan Toth- The MISL back in the 1980s.
Source:The Daily Press

"Major Indoor Soccer league in the 80s History Videos in  4 Parts."

From Zoltan Toth

As someone who grew up as a sports junky, but now considers myself a recovering sports junky as an adult, who still have a healthy appreciation for sports, even though it’s no longer my main interest, perhaps not even by far, I was introduced to indoor soccer in my late teens. Seeing the MISL on ESPN and the Baltimore Blast who are still in business today on local sports TV. I got to appreciate and understand the game. Its sort of like a combination of basketball and hockey, as far as the side of the field and the ball movement. With the positives of soccer as well, but it's a much faster game inside. Smaller field, fewer players and faster, with no offsides. So players have more freedom to actually try to score and to win.

In outdoor soccer, managers and teams, tend to play not to lose and for a tie. Which happens a lot in soccer. And with this sports fast paced and high scoring, I always wondered why the sport has never taken off. And least become as popular as Major League Soccer. I just don’t believe the sport which I call futsal, which is what it’s called in Europe and I believe in Mexico, has been marketed very well and doesn’t have a strong enough connection with pro soccer. And it doesn’t have a farm system, like pro minor Leagues as well as college level leagues. Or like little leagues for kids. Americans, generally don’t grow up playing futsal. They come by it as pro soccer players, because they haven’t made it to the majors generally.

I’m glad the MISL has merged with the United Soccer Leagues or USL. Which is basically in charged of minor league soccer in America. Because this will save the MISL and prevent it from going out of business. But I believe the MISL is a lot better than a minor sports league. And at some point could become a major pro Sport in America, like in Mexico. Because the players are here to make that happen. But for that to happen, I believe the MISL needs to merge with Major League Soccer. And have each MLS franchise sponsor and run a MISL franchise in their market. With the MISL playing in the fall and winter and of course the MLS playing in the spring and summer. This would save the MILS indefinitely, because the leagues could market each other together and grow together.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

E-How Beauty: ‘Fashion Advice For Women- How to Wear Knee-High Boots With Denim Jeans’

Source:E-How Beauty- with a look at denim jeans in boots.

SourceThe Daily Press
“When wearing knee-high boots with jeans, it’s always a good idea to wear skinny jeans to ensure they fit inside your boots. Look great with your knee high boots and jeans with help from an image consulting firm owner in this free video on women’s fashion.” 
From E-How Beauty 
I love sexy women who know they are sexy and not afraid to show it. To me this is part of freedom and one of the many benefits of living in a liberal democracy. The freedom for people to be themselves and to live their own lives. As long as they aren’t hurting anyone else with their freedom. And not having big government tell them what they can and can’t do with their lives. Sexuality is part of that freedom, it’s sexual freedom.
The ability for people to show others what they have in a physical way. It’s the difference between living in a liberal democracy like America and authoritarian country like Iran. In America people have the right to essentially be themselves as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom. This is in the Constitution, which is unfortunately isn’t always enforced equally for everyone.
The Equal Protection Clause isn’t always enforced properly unfortunately. We constantly have people fighting for their constitutional rights in court that they believe were violated by others. But under our constitution people essentially have the right to live their own lives. It’s just one difference between living in a liberal democracy like America and an authoritarian theocracy like Iran.
Iran a country where freedom is constricted to what the central government believes is moral. Even if people aren’t hurting anyone with their actions. Thank God for women’s liberation of the 1960s that if anything just grew stronger in the 1970s that led up to the designer denim jeans revolution of the late 1970s that went into the 1980s. That came back even stronger in the late 1990s, that we as culture are still go through almost twenty-years later culturally.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Amber's Beauty Chair: 'How to Wear Tall Boots With Denim Jeans'

Source:Amber's Beauty Chair- Amber, in her jeans in boots.
Source:The Daily Press

“Fashion Hack: How to wear tall boots with jeans”

From Amber's Beauty Chair

To me a sexy woman is a woman that's of course at least pretty, cute as well, but in a sexy way and not sounding and looking like a little girl with the personality to match, but looks and sounds sweet, but looks and sounds like a grown up woman, as well a being well-built, with tight curves, a woman who stays in shape and eats full balanced meals. 

Not an obese woman who looks like they live in front of all you can eat buffets. Or a stick-figure who eats nothing but rice cakes, vegetables., fruit and vomits half of that up. But a well-built healthy woman and what they look sexiest in as well as still looking classy with style, not looking like a woman who needs to look good to make a living, like a prostitute for example. To me the sexiest clothing on women are tight jeans, skinny jeans that are low-rise, but don’t show a woman’s butt crack when they stand up or bend over. 
But tight modern jeans and one thing that's  great about tight jeans, as well as their sex appeal, is their versatility. Women can where them casually with a t-shirt or tank top. Like on the weekends or to appointments and shopping. Or in some cases where them to work, with a suit jacket, blouse, sweater. They can where them when they are going out on the town. They look great with leather, boots and jackets especially, as well as suede.
Every time I see a sexy woman on the street or in a store or at a restaurant or bar, or at a ball game, it's like being in paradise for me. It's a great moment that's hard not to forget. Especially watching sexy women walk, especially up stairs or bending over. Men should thank God that sexy women love tight jeans and where them as often as they do.

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