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Marilyn Monroe History: Marilyn Monroe- On The Jack Benny Show (1953)

Source:Marilyn Monroe History- Jack and Marilyn, on the Jack Benny Show, in 1953. 
Source:The New Democrat

"Marilyn Monroe On The Jack Benny Television Show 1953(full episode) Rare Television Appearance By Marilyn. September 1953." 

Source:Marilyn Monroe History- Jack and Marilyn on the Jack Benny Show, in 1953.

From Marilyn Monroe History 

There is no better way to kick off the Jack Benny Program than with Marilyn Monroe highlighting her excellent comedic abilities, which includes playing the dumb blonde but doing it intentionally for entertainment. Jack Benny is living out his fantasy with a goddess sent to his cruise ship.  He believes he has Marilyn all to himself, whereas he is just having a great dream as he lies in the sun next to a very large woman instead.

Jack did a similar show but with Jayne Mansfield instead of Marilyn. (Speaking of great comedians with a knack for playing the dumb blonde) And Marilyn had other abilities as an entertainer and could play drama well like in the movie Don't Bother To Knock where she plays an ex-mental patient who gets a job babysitting and becomes impatient with the girl she's supposed to be looking after and ends up locking the kid in a room. 

But like with Jayne Mansfield, I at least believe Marilyn was a natural comedian and someone who didn't need a script to be funny, because she was funny and and did funny things intentionally and was accustomed to making people laugh when she wanted them to laugh with her and not at her. 

She also had a habit of getting people to laugh at her with some of her irresponsible behavior. But she was a natural entertainer and a very good one, as well as a good actress.

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