Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Highlands USA: 'Life After Prison: Saverio Sammy Telesco's Story'

Source:Highlands USA- former long-term prison inmate Saverio Telesco talking about his life in and out of prison.

"After several bank robberies Saverio "Sammy" Telesco was sentenced to 25 years in prison. Telesco rehabilitated himself through his faith and has successfully re-entered society. He served 18 years and is currently on parole." 

I'm not very familiar with the Sammy Telesco story, but what I've heard about him is that he's example of why we shouldn't be warehousing prison inmates, including people who are doing life without the possibility of parole. That instead we should treat them like human beings and treat them according to their behavior. And make it clear to them that their prison sentence will be exactly what they make of it. 

Prison inmates can either do very hard time and spend most of their prison sentence by themselves and barely be able to communicate with even their families, other than letters. Ot their prison sentence won't be enjoyable and feel like they're on vacation or even in the military, but it can be a very productive experience for them where they can get help correcting their bad behaviors and way of life. 

As well as get a good education and get the skills that they need to be successful once and if they're free again. As well as the opportunity to give back to society and do some real community service and work with young people who are currently on course to becoming career criminals and longtime prison inmates themselves.

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