Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Life After Prison: Saverio "Sammy" Telesco's story: How to Rehabilitate Prison Inmates

If the Definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Then the Prison Systems in America is the Definition of Insanity. We lock people up for things that they do to themselves, we lock people up when we would be better off. With Alternative Sentencing, people who are Non Violent Offenders who don't represent much of a threat to society. But need discipline and an opportunity to turn their lives around. Something that Halfway Houses and Drug Rehab instead of Jails and Prisons can provide. Which is better financially and would do a better job of preventing future offenders from having to go to prison. What we do instead is lockup Non Violent Offenders in Prison where they are surrounded by Violent Offenders. And what do they do in that environment, they are taught the Lesson of Survival. If you want to survive Life in Prison, whether your serving a Life Sentence or not, to get along you have to go along. They basically learn how to become criminals and become Violent Offenders and in a lot of cases. End up getting their sentences extended because of the additional offenses they commit in prison. With our Violent Offenders and other Dangerous Offenders, we give them no hope of turning their lives around. And basically just warehouse them and when they do get out and a lot of them do. They end up back in prison because the only thing they know. Is how to be a criminal.

What we should be doing with our Offenders and I'm going to focus on our Offenders that need to be in Prison. Halfway Houses are for Non Violent Offenders and people just being released from Prison. To help them find a job, get an ID, a place to live, Job Training that sort of thing. But with our Dangerous Offenders what we should be doing is not going soft, they need to know why they are in Prison. And hopefully decide for themselves they don't want to be in Prison their whole lives. But as we are doing that, give them the opportunity to turn their lives around. With things like education so they can get the skills that they need to work in Prison but work on the outside as well. And give up their Criminal Careers, Job Training so again they can work in and outside of Prison. Counseling especially for our Violent Offenders, things like Anger Management. But then put them to work so they can get themselves Job Skills and Work Experience. But also so they can contribute to their own stay in Prison. Give them the jobs that are needed to run the Prison outside of the Prison Staff. But also restore Prison Industries so our Prisons can start producing things again that they can sell. Produced by our Prison Inmates and then pay our Inmates for the work that they do and produced with some of the profits that are made. And they can pay for their time in Prison but also send money back to their families and victims.

Anytime your spending more money on your Corrections System then your spending on Education and Infrastructure Investment. You know you have a problem, that you have a lot of Inmates and Prisons. And your Corrections System is taking money away that could be spent to give our students an opportunity. To stay out of Prison in the first place and recognizing that we have so many people in prison . We obviously can't release everybody most of them need to be in Prison but for those people who need to be there. We should give them and opportunity to turn their lives around. So they don't need to come back in the future.

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