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Barack Obama: Happy Mother's Day- The Day We Celebrate Our Wonderful Mom's

Source:President Barack Obama- Welcome to the Obama Family.
Source:The Daily Press

"He shares why First Lady Michelle Obama is the best mom he knows, how his mom and grandmother influenced him, and how the model of strong, responsible, and loving women have been a great gift to his daughters."

From President Barack Obama

Source:The Daily Press- Happy Mother's Day.
I’ll try to not make this blog sound political and I’ll do my best. But keep in mind I’m a political junky, so take that for what its worth. Why would you take a whole day out of the year to do that. How about celebrating mother’s everyday? Well what they don’t understand is that we do that it’s just that we take a day out of each year, to make that day even more special for our mother’s than every other day of the year, except for maybe their birthday. To celebrate the women who gave us birth, who helped raise us up and in many cases, raised us on their own, or help from their parents. Because with out our mothers, we would’ve never been born. They not only gave us our lives, but gave us our births and played a big role in who we are.

I know this from personal experience and I know my brother’s would say the same thing. What I can say about my own mom, is as a kid, she would try to get me to do things she knew I didn’t like and would never do on my own. Like with the piano, not because she was trying to punish me or something, but because she wanted me to try new things. Experience things outside of my comfort level, to see what the World looks like outside of my own. My mom is very sweet and very intelligent, you don’t always see that verbally. As far as her expressing her feelings, but you see it in what she does for you and how she treats you. She’s always wanted you to be your best, whatever that is. One of the reasons why she sent me to summer camp, year after year as a kid, to help me be the best student I could be and learn new things and meet new people.

And then Mom sent me to basketball camp, so I could be a better basketball player. And perhaps to get me out of the house as well. She would put me in activities, that yes I would enjoy, but would enjoy learning about whatever it is we were doing. When I think of my mom, it’s what she tried to get out of me. Without her I’m not blogging, because I probably wouldn’t have considered writing at all. Because she’s my best critic and my best friend when it comes to my blogging. Because she tells me where I’m doing well and what I need to improve on. Which is exactly what I want and need, which is exactly what she did today. About a blog I wrote yesterday, she’s a professional editor and a damn good one. And I appreciate that and everything else she’s done for me. Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s, especially my own. Love you mom!

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