Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Associated Press: White House Press Secretary Jay Carney- 'President Obama Is Willing to Take the Heat'

Source:Associated Press- White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, talking to reporters.

"White House Spokesman Jay Carney says President Barack Obama is willing to take political heat from fellow democrats in order to get a debt deal completed.  He also says the GOP needs to compromise for the good of the country. (July 20)" 

In the last day some adults have merged in Congress, mostly in the Senate, but a few in the House as well in the Democratic Caucus. But adults have emerged in both party's in the Senate with Republican Senator Tom Coburn and the bipartisan "Gang of Six". And have put together deficit reduction and debt ceiling plan, that would raise the debt ceiling, but would also move to get our deficit and debt under control. 

This bipartisan plan would cut the Federal budget around 4T$ of the next ten years, but do it in a way that not only gets our deficit and debt under control, but doesn't hurt anyone who can't afford to be hurt. 

The House Democratic Leadership led by my Representative Chris Van Hollen (the Ranking Member of the Budget Committee) has also offered a plan that cuts about as much as the Coburn and the "Gang of Six" plan. The Van Hollen plan reduces the debt by about the same over ten year and also in a comprehensive way. With tax hikes on people who can afford it the wealthy, as well as budget cuts in defense and in other places. As well as closing tax loopholes, a plan that would cut the debt 75-25 as far as budget cuts over revenue raisers. 

Democrats are already on board on budget cuts and I believe Congressional Democrats would also get on board on entitlement reform, if it doesn't effect people who need those programs right now and into the future and saves those programs. So Congressional Democrats and the White House are willing to give the House GOP 2/3 of what they want: budget cuts and entitlement reform and except for a few, have shown a little willingness to cut tax loopholes and defense. 

The House GOP has basically been in this "my way or the highway approach" thinking they have all the power in the Federal Government, when they really only have 1/3 of it. This is called divided government for a reason. For bills to become laws and not just bills that are sent from one chamber to the other and die. Both chambers and both party's have to work together just to get a bill sent to the White House. 

And then Congress has to work with the President for that bill to become law and for him to sign it. This is something the House GOP doesn't understand yet and why we are still coming up close to the August 2nd debt ceiling deadline without a final resolution. 

The so-called House Progressive Caucus on the Far-Left is not going to get what they want, they don't have enough members or pull a lot of sway except with the House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. But Minority Leader Pelosi isn't the Minority Leader for nothing, she's not in charged of the House and can't push a bill through it on her own. The Progressive Caucus won't get a deficit reduction and debt ceiling plan that has a trillion dollars of tax hikes in it and guts the national defense. 

The Tea Party Caucus on the Far-Right won't get everything they want either. They won't be able to convert Medicare and Medicaid into voucher systems. They only have power in the House and not much if any in the Senate. 

So for there to be a final agreement that can pass both chambers and get signed into law. The House and Senate are going to have to work together and with the President, to get some thing and give some things. Or nothing will happen.

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