Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Associated Press: Raw Video: Egypt's Army Tightens Grip

Source:Associated Press with a demonstration of freedom in Egypt.

Source:FRS FreeState

"Egypt's military moved to tighten its control of key institutions and slapped a travel ban on President Mohammed Morsi and allies in preparation for an almost certain push to remove him with the expiration of an afternoon deadline." 

From the Associated Press

Political satirist George Carlin had this phrase that voters get who they vote for. So in Egypt’s case, they elected with less than a majority a weak President and that’s what they got was a weak President who was unable to take on the military establishment and bring civilian rule to the country. Not as a dictator, but as democratically elected leader. And of course the question would’ve been how democratic would someone who represents the Muslim Brotherhood in a country without any democratic tradition would’ve been.  

But the good news is that Egypt will have another chance and hopefully elect for President someone with stronger democratic credentials who’ll assume power and govern Egypt in a responsible way. Which I believe should be the number one goal there with a real Parliament there and a real Constitution to hold the President and his administration accountable in a country of eighty million people with a lot of potential for growth. But I say that hopefully because Egypt doesn’t have much of a track record that indicates they are capable of moving forward.

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