Thursday, July 26, 2012

Associated Press: 'Gov't Upping Fight Against Health Care Fraud'

Source:Associated Press- United States Attorney General Eric Holder, talking about health care fraud.

"The Obama administration is upping the ante in the fight against health care fraud, joining forces with private insurers and state investigators on a scale not previously seen in an attempt to stanch tens of billions of dollars in losses." 

It's the uncompensated health care in the health care system, that's the biggest problem with the health care system in America, along with the unaffordable health insurance in the country. I'm not talking about Medicaid, which is also a problem in that they don't compensate a lot of hospitals who treat their clients. I'm talking about people who go to the emergency room for the most basic of procedures, who don't have health insurance and not even Medicaid, who can't afford to pay for that health care out-of-pocket, who get that health care for free. And those costs are passed onto the hospitals, and they pass those costs onto to either the taxpayers or the patients that they have who are covered by health insurance. 

What the Affordable Care Act of 2010 does, it requires everyone who can afford it, to get covered by health insurance. And low-income workers, they can now be covered by Medicaid. And for lower middle class workers, they are now eligible for a tax credit to cover their health insurance. Uncompensated health care is not technically health care fraud, at pre-2010, but it's a major source for why our health care is so expensive, at least compared with the rest of the developed world.

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