Thursday, July 26, 2012

Obama Administration Upping Fight Against Health Care Fraud: The Costs of Healthcare Fraud

I don't know the exact figure in how much Healthcare Fraud costs in the United States but if I had to guess. Its probably somewhere in the neighborhood 100B$ a year more or less and in a Healthcare System of 2T$ approximately, thats not chump change. Especially when Medicare and Medicaid both Health Insurers that are Tax Payer funded, represent around 20% of our Healthcare System. And they both have issues with Healthcare Fraud according to the Government Accountability office. This is one area that the Affordable Care Act addresses, by eliminating overpayments from Medicare to the Health Insurance Industry and hospitals and hopefully putting more of those resources into underfunded hospitals. Things like putting fines on people and organizations that are found guilty of Healthcare Fraud and directing that money back to the people. In the form of some type of rebate for being overcharged, as well as directing some of those resources to hospitals who without the Individual Healthcare Mandate. Would still have to give out uncompensated Healthcare for people who don't have Health Insurance and can't afford to pay for their Healthcare Costs out of pocket, which is a lot of the country.

So the Individual Mandate and cutting back on Healthcare Fraud, will help us lower the costs of our Healthcare System. Because now people will be forced to pay for their share of their Healthcare and hospitals and Medicare and Medicaid won't be overcharged as much in the future which will help to bring down the costs of these two huge programs and would end up being two big reforms in these programs. Without having to cut the benefits of these programs for the people who need them and can't afford to have their benefits cut.

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