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Roy Dan Baron: 'Liberals Are Idiot Compassion & Conservatives Are Wise Compassion'

Source:The New Democrat

I'm going to try to put this in a way that is as accurate as possible, but at the same time isn't overly insulting and unfair. Because I do respect Roy Dan Baron who at least up to this point I saw as someone who is a real Liberal Democrat in the sense that he believes in liberal democracy and would like to see everyone around the world with the opportunity to live in freedom. Including Americans, which is something I and The New Democrat believes in well. But at the same time his last post about Liberals, Conservatives and poverty is pure nonsense and even Tea Party propaganda. And that point also deserves and should be made.

His first point about Liberals believing in welfare over work. Which is my paraphrase and you'll be able to see exactly how he put that on this post, and that Liberals believe in creating a socialist state. Well there is a few problems with that. One the obvious is not true. If you are a Liberal, you believe in liberty, the whole point of the word. If you are living off the state meaning taxpayers who support themselves, you are obviously not living in free, are you. Because you are free to support yourself and manage your own affairs.

Also you can't be a Liberal and a Socialist, it's one or the other. Just like you can't be both a Neoconservative and as strong believer in the national security state and the military industrial complex and also be a Libertarian. Who puts individual liberty over everything including security. Or be a Religious Conservative who believes in their religious beliefs and their way of life so strongly, that you believe that everyone else should live by your values and even enforce that through law. And also be a Libertarian.

His last point being about "Conservatives believing in the free market over everything else and if government just gets out-of-the-way, everything will benefit from that". Really? Well maybe someone who is a Conservative in the classical sense, meaning someone who believes in conserving freedom and the Constitution and not subtracting from those things. And that when government and business are combined or interlocked with things like corporate welfare, that is bad for freedom because now you're putting business in charge of our well beings with our tax dollars subsidizing them.

If that is your idea of a Conservative, than I agree with you and present to you Barry Goldwater who was the real thing when it came to Conservatives and perhaps Senator Rand Paul of today. But the problem with this is that today's Conservatives as much as they claim to hate welfare, are addicted and in love with what is called corporate welfare. Which is subsidizing business's and allowing for them to avoid taxes simply because they are very wealthy and successful. When they fail, you bail them out and are Socialists. But when individuals fail, its the free market and the best of luck to you. This is not conservative, but its what is called corporatist. Which is a huge difference.

I don't mind debating the differences between Conservatives and Liberals. Actually I love the idea and love doing about poverty which is an issue that both sides care about and even have some thing in common on. But just as long as we are debating the real differences and not throwing bogus charges (to be nice) at each other, but that both sides understand what the other side is about. And honestly and truthfully expresses what they are about and what they believe in.

Global Freedom Network: Post: Roy Dan Baron

"Liberals are Idiot Compassion & Conservatives are Wise Compassion

Liberal Democrats believe in Idiot Compassion which is giving things to help people with welfare giving things to people live off the state and become socialist with no incentive at all to do any work.  In other words to become bums of the USA.

Republicans and conservatives believe in what is called Wise Compassion which is NOT giving things away but it's actually living in a USA country and a system where you don't have roadblocks to access healthy safety work food clothing shelter community Conservatives enable
free market systems where anybody can go register an LLC and start a company and work hard to be successful 

So it's saying no we're not going to just give you those things you're going to have to get out work and work hard and then you can be successful but you also live in a USA country where it's NOT a socialist country & we are not going to spread wealth all around to everybody and give everything away.

This is a USA society where we have are supposed to have free markets and there's zero roadblocks and anybody and everybody has 100% equal opportunity to be extremely successful and work hard and do well this is what we call Wise compassion." 

Cannabis News: Post: Vincent J. Lavery: No One Has Ever Died From Smoking Marijuana

Source:FRS FreeState  

The idea that we lock people away in prison for several years for smoking, growing or selling pot, when we have overcrowded prisons with two-million people locked up in prison and many of these offenders being non-violent, when we don’t lock up people for drinking, possessing or selling alcohol or smoking tobacco, which are just as dangerous drugs if not more so, but for some reason aren’t considered narcotics, is more dangerous than illegal narcotics itself. 

Alcohol and tobacco are both very addicting and can cause of serious diseases, including addiction. But also heart disease, liver disease, lung cancer, diabetes and others. Plus the problems alcohol and tobacco bring to the society. With our economy with people being less productive because they are sick from drinking too much. Or have clothes that smell like nicotine. 

And so many other issues facing this country, with multiple economic problems, seems very ironic to me, it tells me the reason for marijuana prohibition is about politics and ideology rather than policy. That politicians can’t come out on favor of marijuana legalization because they are worried about looking “soft on crime”. And if we legalize marijuana, "that could lead to other drugs". Really? see that actually that happens with alcohol and tobacco. Again both legal.

If we legalized with regulation and taxation of marijuana and treat it like alcohol, what happens, less people going to jail and prison who didn’t hurt anyone. Which saves us a lot of jail and prison space. Money that could be spent on other priorities. We now spend more on our corrections system than our education system. More tax revenue would be collected because of the sales tax on marijuana. More well-paid jobs would be created, producing, growing and selling marijuana.

With these workers paying taxes off of their income. Instead of making all of their money on the black market not paying taxes, unlike people working in the alcohol and tobacco industry’s. We would save money on law enforcement because instead of going after people for marijuana activities, they could spend their time and resources on actually going after dangerous criminals. Who are actual threats to society.
I’m not arguing that we legalize marijuana today and let the chips fall where they may. What I’m saying is that we treat like alcohol. And give the marijuana industry no special advantage over the alcohol or tobacco industry. 21 or over to smoke, sell or produce marijuana. Licensed to sell or produce marijuana. No driving or flying or operating any vehicle under the influence of marijuana etc.

A significant tax on marijuana, because we are not talking about spring water here. Marijuana does have negative side-affects. This would be a much better approach than prohibition. Just look at alcohol prohibition of the 1920s and 30s, that didn’t work either. Because if people want to do something bad enough, they’ll find a way to do it and the hell with the consequences. If you're a true believer in limited government and a true disbeliever in big government, then your for legalization with regulation and taxation of marijuana. Because support letting people live their own lives, as long as they are not hurting anyone else with their freedom protect everyone's freedom.

The New Republic: Jamie Holmes: The Causes of Poverty in America

Source:FRS FreeState  

If you look at why some people do very well in America, professionally, economically and most other things and why some people do well in these areas and why some people do OK, get by, but with not a lot of financial security and why some people are barely surviving and why some people can’t get by and fight and struggle for their survival everyday and need a lot of public assistance just to struggle to get by, it is about education. 

It gets to education, because the better you are educated and the more skills that you have to offer in the workplace and in other areas, the better your chance of doing well in life. It's also about personal choices that people make. Do they finish school or drop out especially in high school. Which is generally a free ticket to poverty. Do they have kids when they are financially and emotionally ready to raise kids or not. Or do they have kids before they are ready to raise them well.  
And before they have the skills that they need to make a good living in life. And do their kids have two parents that are both in their lives and raising them. Or do they have one parent without the skills and tools to raise them well in life. And do their kids finish school and get themselves the skills that they need to get a good job or not. Your level of education and the personal choices that people make in life, is the best indicator of how well they’ll do in life. 
Whether people are self-sufficient or do they need public assistance to survive. Because they don’t have the skills that they need to get a good job and be self-sufficient. Wealthy, upper middle class, middle class people do well in life because they are well-educated. And have the skills that they need to get a good job. People in poverty in a lot of cases don’t have these skills and in most cases have to go back to school. 
Because they didn’t finish school, to get the skills that they need to get a good job. And become self- sufficient, which is why education is so important especially public education in America. And why people need to be able and go to good schools so they can get the skills that they need to be successful in life. Going forward the way to finally win the War on Poverty in America. 
A war that was declared back in 1965, instead of just talking about it, will be about education, empowering people in poverty to go back to school or go to school and get the skills that they need. To move themselves out of poverty and will be about reforming our public schools. So we are producing enough workers in America, so people don’t have to live in poverty as adults in the first place. Thats how we finally win this war.

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