Sunday, March 24, 2013

The Democratic Strategist: Economy: Karen Nussbaum: A Working America Message From The Field: "Tax Fairness Is The Best Answer in Budget Fights": He to Reduce Deficits Through Economic Growth and Job Growth

Karen Nussbaum: a Working America Message from the Field. "Tax Fairness Is the Best Answer in budget Fights" | Democratic Strategist

The best way to balance budgets or just cut deficits and get deficits and debt under control. Is through economic and job growth and reducing poverty. More people working and making a good living, more people paying taxes and who have money to spend and who spend that money. Which is good for everyone especially for business's with products to sell because now they have more customers and the. Customers they already had now have more money to spend on their products. Which drives up economic growth because now their are more consumers and more consumers with money to spend. Companies are now making more money because of their increase in demand and as a result now need more workers to. Meet the new demand from the new customers they are getting and as a result may be looking to expand because of the new influx of customers for their company. You can get to a balance budget on paper in a weak economy which is something that President Jimmy Carter tried to do in the. Late 1970s but you end paying a heavy cost for it with the amount of people who are now out of work.

President Obama and other members of the Senate Democratic Leadership like Senator Debbie Stabenow. Say that Democrats want to grow the economy from the middle out. Not cut taxes at the top and hope everyone else sees the benefit of it but that you increase economic growth by having more. People working and more workers with money to spend and you can do that by encouraging companies to invest in America. If you do business in this country or expand the business you are already doing in America. You'll not only not have to pay taxes on that but you'll see your current taxes go down. But if you take that money out of the country, you'll be taxed on that. The key to economic growth is not having as many business's as possible with record high profits, we already have that right. Now with the Stock Market at record highs with high unemployment and an economy barely growing. The key to economic growth is a lot of people working with high job growth and a lot of people with money to. Spend which leads to companies making record profits as well.

America is in an interesting position because we have this rising debt that has to be addressed. But we have weak economic growth but with job growth picking up. So we are sorta in strange situation where we have to do two things at the same time. Jumpstart the economy but also start paying down some of this debt and deficit so the debt is no longer growing faster or as fast as the economy. But we won't be able to get our debt and deficit under control until we have an economy thats growing well and putting. A lot of people back to work with declining unemployment.

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