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This page is my hopefully daily diary (but we'll see how it goes) where I'll give you an idea about what I'm looking at each day and what I'm think about. With a note or even a paragraph about what I'm looking at and what I'm thinking about. Current affairs of course, but whatever I happened to be looking at each day and I believe I should comment on. You can call this my blog within a blog.  

5/25/21 - "Top congressional leaders condemned Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tuesday after the Georgia Republican compared a supermarket’s face-mask policy to the Nazi practice of labeling Jews with Star of David badges.

The outburst — which was denounced within hours by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and others — is the latest instance of extreme rhetoric from the freshman lawmaker, who has ridden an embrace of far-right conspiracy theories and fervid support for former president Donald Trump to notoriety, power and outsize campaign fundraising." 

Source:The Washington Post- U.S. Representative Marjorie T. Greene (Republican, Georgia) Chairman of the House Escaped Mental Patients Caucus. I'm half-kidding, I don't know that for a fact. But she's certainly qualified for that position. 

From The Washington Post  

When even House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy condemns Marjorie T. Greene's latest out of this world statement, you know that she said something that's just not ridiculous, but irresponsible, but insulting to any of the 6 million or so Jewish-Americans and Jews outside of America, but to anyone with a brain, conscience, who is sane and sober, and has a real sense of morality. Which I would like to think is most Americans, but with the MTG's of the world it gets harder to believe that everyday. 

Source:U.S. Senator Chis Van Hollen (Democrat, Maryland)

5/26/2021 - "QAnon conspiracy theorist and member of the House of Representatives, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has spent the last several days comparing mask and vaccine requirements to actions taken by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.

Her outrageous comments even crossed a line for Trump-loyalist, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy who finally issued statements condemning Greene’s language.

But that’s as far as the Republicans are prepared to go to rein in their QAnon members. They’ve done nothing to hold Greene and other House conspiracy theorists accountable.

Instead, they’re following Greene’s lead on everything, from the Big Lie to swearing allegiance to Donald Trump.

This is not a political party that can be trusted with the levers of power. We need to be prepared to take on their attacks and beat them at the ballot box again in 2022.

Will you chip in today to help us build a strong movement to protect our Senate Majority and stop Republican conspiracy theorists from gaining power in 2022?

This was in my email today from Senator Chris Van Hollen's (Democrat, Maryland) that they sent to me. Senator Van Hollen is my senator and I by en-large like him and view him as an excellent Progressive in Congress. And I understand how much Democrats want to capitalize on Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's lunacy as much as every good football team wants to score a touchdown every time the other QB throws the ball right to them. But with constant emails like this, Senator Van Hollen gives the impression that he views his constituents the way a lot of other members of Congress do which is as money banks and people who are just looking to give our money away.  

5/27/2021 - "It is no secret that the Democratic Party priority for cannabis policy reform is not a priority in the Biden White House. Throughout the 2020 Democratic primary, Joe Biden was the most moderate candidate on this issue. And although his position on cannabis evolved relative to his views as a senator in the 1980s and 1990s, he still remained to the right of most elected Democrats and Democratic voters on cannabis.

Biden is not the only person who is out of step with his party on cannabis reform. Understanding why is important to those who hope to chart a path forward.

It is not terribly surprising that someone with Mr. Biden’s background would oppose cannabis." 

Source:Brookings- welcome to The White House.

From Brookings 

Yes, President Joe Biden has been slow to embrace cannabis reform and probably criminal justice reform all together. And I think it goes back to his tough on crime stances when he was in Congress in the 1980s and 1990s and as a career politician he's struggling to adjust to the current political times that he's now governing in. 

The War On Drugs is a complete failure and I believe the lawyer in him sees that, but the politician in him like to play things safe and avoid taking hard stances. Which perhaps worked well in Congress, but he's no longer representing 800,000 people in Delaware, but a country of 320 million and has the entire Democratic Party that he has to lead, who are way ahead of him on marijuana and the War On Drugs, because they have to pay those costs everyday as taxpayers.  

I’m stunned.
Trump just declared to Fox News that he WILL run for President if we lose our House Majority.
This is the most important ask I have ever made of you. Trump’s donors rushed him $250 MILLION to help him reclaim power. I need a historic response -- 30,000 gifts before midnight -- to protect my Democrats and make Trump’s plan BACKFIRE. >>
This is an most important choice.
-- We can either let Trump shovel millions to Republicans, steal our Majority, and barge back into power.
-- Or we can rise up, send a historic response, and show Trump he will NEVER take the House from Democrats.
Erik, Trump just hinged his entire Presidential run on reclaiming the House.
I will fight with everything I have to defend it from his grasp. But I can’t do it alone -- not when he’s armed Republicans with $250 MILLION to defeat us. Can I count on your $15 before my midnight deadline?" 

Source:CNN- U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, California)

From U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi 

When I first signed up to the House Democrats email list and even then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelsoi's email list ten years ago or so, I did that because I wanted to see what House Democrats were up and what agenda they were pushing in that Congress and who they would try to win the House Back. (Perhaps that was my mistake) Instead all I've gotten from then 10 years later is fundraising emails. 

It's that old political joke that anytime you're anywhere near a politician (especially a career politician) make sure you know where your wallet is and I would add checkbook and anything else that you use to pay for things, because they're coming right for it. (Well, perhaps that's just my joke) And in too many cases see their constituents as their personal banks that just gives them money and doesn't expected to ever be paid back.  

6/01/2021 - "President Biden’s American Families Plan adds to the long list of proposals to make college more affordable, in this case with two free years of community college. Meanwhile the  American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes a $1 billion boost to national service, through AmeriCorps." 

Source:Brookings Institution- working for college.

From Brookings 

No such thing as free college if every taxpayer has to pay for someone else's college education. What the real debate should be about is college affordability so no one who goes to college has to swim in debt once they've graduated.  


Erik, Donald Trump was one of the WORST presidents in history. His administration was divisive, hateful, racist, destructive, and altogether un-American.

But even though he hasn't even admitted he LOST in 2020, Trump is saying he would definitely run for president AGAIN!

Trump claims "the polls show everybody wants him to" run again, so we're collecting as many responses as we can to show him he is NOT wanted in the next presidential election. Please, tell us now... 

Source:The Independent- Ex-President Donald Trump (damn, I'm proud to say that)

From the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 

Democrats (especially left-wing Democrats) should think long and hard about personally trying to get to decide what Republicans can run for President. Donald Trump has just much as right to run for President again (assuming he's not in prison in 2024) as every other American. And if he's not paying his national debt to society in 2024 and somehow manages to win the Republican nomination, American voters will once again have the opportunity to kick his ass at the ballot box.  

06/11/2021 - "Are you rolling your eyes and thinking, "Thanks, Captain Obvious — OF COURSE I do?"

Well, sadly, there are lots of legislators who would hit that other button. And even though 79% of Americans don't want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, this is a record-breaking year for anti-abortion legislation. More than 500 restrictions have already been introduced in state legislatures across the country this year.

They are trying to control our bodies and our lives.

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, we need you to speak out against this attack and stand with Planned Parenthood Action Fund and our partners as we fight to defend and expand the rights established under Roe. We need to be ready for what's next." 


From Planned Parenthood 

I'm pro-choice on abortion, just as long as taxpayers don't have to pay for it. I treat abortion like very other personal choice issue, just as long as the individual making the choice is not hurting any other innocent person with what they're doing and they are not sticking taxpayers with the costs of their personal decisions, they have the right to make their own choices and be held personally responsible for them. That's called personal freedom and responsibility.  

6/17/2021 - "Supreme Court upholds Obamacare, maintaining health insurance for millions. The court also ruled that Philadelphia wrongly limited ties with a Catholic foster care agency over the group's refusal to work with gay couples." 

Source:ABC News- covering the U.S. Supreme Court.

From ABC News 

This is not a 5-4 ruling with Chief Justice John Roberts voting with the Democrats on the bench. This is a 7-2 ruling with Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and even freakin Tea Party favorite Justice Clarence Thomas voting with the Democrats to uphold the Affordable Care Act. 

This tells me (as a non-lawyer) that for Republicans to get the Affordable Care Act thrown out by the Supreme Court and trying to get SCOTUS to do for them what they failed to do in Congress so far, they're going to need a real constitutional case to do that, because SCOTUS is not going to bail them out here for their political and Congressional failures.  

6-23-2021 - "India Walton scored a stunning upset in the Democratic mayoral primary in Buffalo, N.Y., putting her on track to become the city's first female executive and the country's most high-profile socialist mayor in decades.

Walton, a nurse and community activist, bested incumbent Mayor Byron Brown (D) and Le'Candice Durham, a longshot candidate in the race. 

The Associated Press called the race for Walton on Wednesday morning." 

Source:The Hill- the next Mayor of Buffalo, New York.

From The Hill 

If Socialists whether it's India Walton or anyone else, can come out of the political closet in Vermont, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and now Buffalo, New York (not exactly a sea of red) they can come out of the closet anywhere else in the country. Being an American Socialist is unpopular (in most places) but not illegal anywhere. 

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