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This page is my hopefully daily diary (but we'll see how it goes) where I'll give you an idea about what I'm looking at each day and what I'm think about. With a note or even a paragraph about what I'm looking at and what I'm thinking about. Current affairs of course, but whatever I happened to be looking at each day and I believe I should comment on. You can call this my blog within a blog.   

What I want to do with this section is give readers my take on what happened during the previous week and the current day. Hopefully The Week will turn into the The Day or The Daily Take. But my daily routine, as well as energy level especially for someone who is not a coffee or Starbucks junkie , and doesn't use illegal narcotics either, will determine how often I'm able to do this. I'm also going to do this from a lighter side. At least lighter compared with talking about, I don't know Syria, or the latest gun tragedy that seems to only happen in America, tax reform to use as examples. But with how depressing American politics has become in the late eight years or so, speaking lighter than those issues shouldn't be that difficult, unless you're actually talking about those issues.

Source:U.S. Veterans Affairs Administration- honoring those who fight and gave their lives for America.

11/11/17 - I wouldn't even dare dream about trying to make light of the tragedy in Texas last Sunday. The current United States national debt of some twenty-trillion-dollars (which is also not a laughing matter, if you have to pay the interest on that) wouldn't be enough money to pay me to make fun of that tragedy. Other than to make fun of the people who for whatever reasons perhaps are addicted to the internet and have no outside hobbies and lives outside of hard-core hyper-partisan extreme politics.

Hyper-partisans on the hateful Left, always use a situation like this to either say we need gun control, and the Far-Left (Socialists and Communists) will argue right away for why they believe we need to outlaw private gun ownership and the 2nd Amendment all together those NRA fanatics are stopping that.

And hyper-partisans on the Right will try to make their case for why they believe the 2nd Amendment is the only amendment to the U.S. Constitution that is absolute. Hyper-partisans on the Right, people who believe the 2nd Amendment is absolute, apparently aren't that familiar with life. Because if you live a few years or more you know nothing in life is absolute. And they'l also use examples of how guns have saved innocent lives in the past. And somehow manage (perhaps intentionally) to forget about the latest victims from gun violence from a person or person who used their gun or guns to kill innocent people.

As far as Michael Flynn: the only reason you have to have to know that its not Amateur Night at the Apollo, (or Amateur Night at The Old Opry, for Southern Republicans) but the last two years of the Trump Organization has been Amateur Night. That Groundhog Day with a million screw ups that never seems to end. The Trump Campaign least year was rookie ball (for you baseball fans) bush league and that is what went into their administration.

President Trump's Chief of Staff John Kelly, is a professional and at least seems to know what he's doing. The Trump National Security Council, except for Mike Flynn, is very strong. But the rest of this crew look like Congressional interns who just got out of high school and not even college. And apparently woke up one day from one of their Red Bull comas after not sleeping for weeks and find themselves in the real world with real jobs and not having any real idea of how to do them. How does a nominee for National Security Director, not get vetted? Ask the Trump White House! Ask Vice President Mike Pence who has a lot of responsibility as far as putting the Trump Administration and cabinet together.

Roy Moore, what else can be said about a man who not only doesn't believe the U.S. Constitution, let alone believe in it and doesn't believe Separation of Church and State and the Right to Privacy, even exist, but apparently ex-Judge Moore doesn't believe in the Bible either. Because he has a lot of crazy quotes about it that simply aren't true. He believes homosexuality should be illegal which of course it isn't., but he believes that it should be illegal because the Bible says so.

But if that is not bad enough Judge Moore comes from the fringe wing of Fundamentalist Evangelical Christianity that believes women are subservient to men and men can essentially have their way with women and girls. I don't want to make fun of Alabama (at least no more than usual) but this fringe fundamentalist belief is common in the Bible Belt and they seem to believe that there's nothing inappropriate with men getting off with girls. The legal age for consent in Alabama is 16 and not 18 where it tends to be in America. As much as the Christian-Right may claim to be against Islam and the Islamic Theocratic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and see Islam as a cult, the Christian Right are experts on religious, as well as political cults. They're the largest religious and political cult, at least in the West.

As far as Veterans Day: one of my favorite holidays, because without these great Americans I'm not able to spend a frozen Saturday in Bethesda, Maryland writing. Maybe the Confederates would have won the American Civil War and I would've had to apply for the Federal Government for permission to write anything at all. Because the Confederates would have probably have rewritten the Constitution or thrown it out like a piece of trash in order to keep their regime in power.

Veterans Day is that day to celebrate those great Americans who fight for our freedom and to give those Americans who aren't qualified or simply don't have the balls to serve, perhaps eat too much fast food to get through boot camp, the opportunity to celebrate the people who have given us the freedom that Americans cherish the most. The right to be Americans, the right to be individuals. The right to eat ourselves to death, or live long prosperous, intelligent, healthy, but interesting and exciting lives.

So that is my week for This Week. Perhaps you can view it as one tweet, but without about thousand characters or so in it. Imagine if Donald Trump had to write his comments and thoughts out in an article, instead of doing it in 10-20 tweets at around 8AM in the morning. Would his comments each day look more intelligent and thoughtful after seeing his thoughts written down on computer. Well, we'll probably never know, but perhaps something to think about.

5/25/21 - "Top congressional leaders condemned Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene on Tuesday after the Georgia Republican compared a supermarket’s face-mask policy to the Nazi practice of labeling Jews with Star of David badges.

The outburst — which was denounced within hours by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer and others — is the latest instance of extreme rhetoric from the freshman lawmaker, who has ridden an embrace of far-right conspiracy theories and fervid support for former president Donald Trump to notoriety, power and outsize campaign fundraising." 

Source:The Washington Post- U.S. Representative Marjorie T. Greene (Republican, Georgia) Chairman of the House Escaped Mental Patients Caucus. I'm half-kidding, I don't know that for a fact. But she's certainly qualified for that position. 

From The Washington Post  

When even House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy condemns Marjorie T. Greene's latest out of this world statement, you know that she said something that's just not ridiculous, but irresponsible, but insulting to any of the 6 million or so Jewish-Americans and Jews outside of America, but to anyone with a brain, conscience, who is sane and sober, and has a real sense of morality. Which I would like to think is most Americans, but with the MTG's of the world it gets harder to believe that everyday. 

Source:U.S. Senator Chis Van Hollen (Democrat, Maryland)

5/26/2021 - "QAnon conspiracy theorist and member of the House of Representatives, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has spent the last several days comparing mask and vaccine requirements to actions taken by Nazi Germany during the Holocaust.

Her outrageous comments even crossed a line for Trump-loyalist, House Republican leader Kevin McCarthy who finally issued statements condemning Greene’s language.

But that’s as far as the Republicans are prepared to go to rein in their QAnon members. They’ve done nothing to hold Greene and other House conspiracy theorists accountable.

Instead, they’re following Greene’s lead on everything, from the Big Lie to swearing allegiance to Donald Trump.

This is not a political party that can be trusted with the levers of power. We need to be prepared to take on their attacks and beat them at the ballot box again in 2022.

Will you chip in today to help us build a strong movement to protect our Senate Majority and stop Republican conspiracy theorists from gaining power in 2022?

This was in my email today from Senator Chris Van Hollen's (Democrat, Maryland) that they sent to me. Senator Van Hollen is my senator and I by en-large like him and view him as an excellent Progressive in Congress. And I understand how much Democrats want to capitalize on Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene's lunacy as much as every good football team wants to score a touchdown every time the other QB throws the ball right to them. But with constant emails like this, Senator Van Hollen gives the impression that he views his constituents the way a lot of other members of Congress do which is as money banks and people who are just looking to give our money away.  

5/27/2021 - "It is no secret that the Democratic Party priority for cannabis policy reform is not a priority in the Biden White House. Throughout the 2020 Democratic primary, Joe Biden was the most moderate candidate on this issue. And although his position on cannabis evolved relative to his views as a senator in the 1980s and 1990s, he still remained to the right of most elected Democrats and Democratic voters on cannabis.

Biden is not the only person who is out of step with his party on cannabis reform. Understanding why is important to those who hope to chart a path forward.

It is not terribly surprising that someone with Mr. Biden’s background would oppose cannabis." 

Source:Brookings- welcome to The White House.

From Brookings 

Yes, President Joe Biden has been slow to embrace cannabis reform and probably criminal justice reform all together. And I think it goes back to his tough on crime stances when he was in Congress in the 1980s and 1990s and as a career politician he's struggling to adjust to the current political times that he's now governing in. 

The War On Drugs is a complete failure and I believe the lawyer in him sees that, but the politician in him like to play things safe and avoid taking hard stances. Which perhaps worked well in Congress, but he's no longer representing 800,000 people in Delaware, but a country of 320 million and has the entire Democratic Party that he has to lead, who are way ahead of him on marijuana and the War On Drugs, because they have to pay those costs everyday as taxpayers.  

I’m stunned.
Trump just declared to Fox News that he WILL run for President if we lose our House Majority.
This is the most important ask I have ever made of you. Trump’s donors rushed him $250 MILLION to help him reclaim power. I need a historic response -- 30,000 gifts before midnight -- to protect my Democrats and make Trump’s plan BACKFIRE. >>
This is an most important choice.
-- We can either let Trump shovel millions to Republicans, steal our Majority, and barge back into power.
-- Or we can rise up, send a historic response, and show Trump he will NEVER take the House from Democrats.
Erik, Trump just hinged his entire Presidential run on reclaiming the House.
I will fight with everything I have to defend it from his grasp. But I can’t do it alone -- not when he’s armed Republicans with $250 MILLION to defeat us. Can I count on your $15 before my midnight deadline?" 

Source:CNN- U.S. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (Democrat, California)

From U.S. Representative Nancy Pelosi 

When I first signed up to the House Democrats email list and even then House Minority Leader Nancy Pelsoi's email list ten years ago or so, I did that because I wanted to see what House Democrats were up and what agenda they were pushing in that Congress and who they would try to win the House Back. (Perhaps that was my mistake) Instead all I've gotten from then 10 years later is fundraising emails. 

It's that old political joke that anytime you're anywhere near a politician (especially a career politician) make sure you know where your wallet is and I would add checkbook and anything else that you use to pay for things, because they're coming right for it. (Well, perhaps that's just my joke) And in too many cases see their constituents as their personal banks that just gives them money and doesn't expected to ever be paid back.  

6/01/2021 - "President Biden’s American Families Plan adds to the long list of proposals to make college more affordable, in this case with two free years of community college. Meanwhile the  American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 includes a $1 billion boost to national service, through AmeriCorps." 

Source:Brookings Institution- working for college.

From Brookings 

No such thing as free college if every taxpayer has to pay for someone else's college education. What the real debate should be about is college affordability so no one who goes to college has to swim in debt once they've graduated.  


Erik, Donald Trump was one of the WORST presidents in history. His administration was divisive, hateful, racist, destructive, and altogether un-American.

But even though he hasn't even admitted he LOST in 2020, Trump is saying he would definitely run for president AGAIN!

Trump claims "the polls show everybody wants him to" run again, so we're collecting as many responses as we can to show him he is NOT wanted in the next presidential election. Please, tell us now... 

Source:The Independent- Ex-President Donald Trump (damn, I'm proud to say that)

From the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee 

Democrats (especially left-wing Democrats) should think long and hard about personally trying to get to decide what Republicans can run for President. Donald Trump has just much as right to run for President again (assuming he's not in prison in 2024) as every other American. And if he's not paying his national debt to society in 2024 and somehow manages to win the Republican nomination, American voters will once again have the opportunity to kick his ass at the ballot box.  

06/11/2021 - "Are you rolling your eyes and thinking, "Thanks, Captain Obvious — OF COURSE I do?"

Well, sadly, there are lots of legislators who would hit that other button. And even though 79% of Americans don't want to see Roe v. Wade overturned, this is a record-breaking year for anti-abortion legislation. More than 500 restrictions have already been introduced in state legislatures across the country this year.

They are trying to control our bodies and our lives.

As the Supreme Court prepares to hear a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, we need you to speak out against this attack and stand with Planned Parenthood Action Fund and our partners as we fight to defend and expand the rights established under Roe. We need to be ready for what's next." 


From Planned Parenthood 

I'm pro-choice on abortion, just as long as taxpayers don't have to pay for it. I treat abortion like very other personal choice issue, just as long as the individual making the choice is not hurting any other innocent person with what they're doing and they are not sticking taxpayers with the costs of their personal decisions, they have the right to make their own choices and be held personally responsible for them. That's called personal freedom and responsibility.  

6/17/2021 - "Supreme Court upholds Obamacare, maintaining health insurance for millions. The court also ruled that Philadelphia wrongly limited ties with a Catholic foster care agency over the group's refusal to work with gay couples." 

Source:ABC News- covering the U.S. Supreme Court.

From ABC News 

This is not a 5-4 ruling with Chief Justice John Roberts voting with the Democrats on the bench. This is a 7-2 ruling with Brett Kavanaugh, Amy Coney Barrett, and even freakin Tea Party favorite Justice Clarence Thomas voting with the Democrats to uphold the Affordable Care Act. 

This tells me (as a non-lawyer) that for Republicans to get the Affordable Care Act thrown out by the Supreme Court and trying to get SCOTUS to do for them what they failed to do in Congress so far, they're going to need a real constitutional case to do that, because SCOTUS is not going to bail them out here for their political and Congressional failures.  

6-23-2021 - "India Walton scored a stunning upset in the Democratic mayoral primary in Buffalo, N.Y., putting her on track to become the city's first female executive and the country's most high-profile socialist mayor in decades.

Walton, a nurse and community activist, bested incumbent Mayor Byron Brown (D) and Le'Candice Durham, a longshot candidate in the race. 

The Associated Press called the race for Walton on Wednesday morning." 

Source:The Hill- the next Mayor of Buffalo, New York.

From The Hill 

If Socialists whether it's India Walton or anyone else, can come out of the political closet in Vermont, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, and now Buffalo, New York (not exactly a sea of red) they can come out of the closet anywhere else in the country. Being an American Socialist is unpopular (in most places) but not illegal anywhere.  

8/19/2021 - I think this is one of #JohnFKennedy's best quotes, because you get to see the #ClassicalLiberal (a real #Liberal) in him. And it's a great argument against socialism and communism, as well. 

Entrepreneur: "Words of wisdom from some of most influential leaders in U.S. history."

Conformity is the jailer of freedom and the enemy of growth. -- John F. Kennedy

The youngest president in U.S. history was regarded by many as a visionary. Not satisfied with the status quo, Kennedy spearheaded economic programs that launched the U.S. on its longest expansion since World War II and championed equality by calling for civil rights legislation.

Think of the entrepreneurs that you find more influential and innovative, chances are they went against the grain and had a different way of approaching things. Going the safe route is rarely the way to get noticed."  

9/01/2021 - President John F. Kennedy is a hero of mine as a Classical Liberal, but he was far from perfect. And if he had to run for President 10-20 years later, he wouldn't have gotten away with a lot of his personal baggage, like with the womanizing. As his brother Senator Ted Kennedy found out.

People Magazine: "A woman claiming to be one of John F. Kennedy's former lovers is opening up about their alleged affair.

In an essay published on Saturday on Air Mail, Diana de Vegh said she engaged in an affair with the 35th president of the United States when she was 20 years old.

The relationship allegedly began in 1958, making him twice her age. De Vegh, now 83, said that Kennedy would often say there was "something special" about her, which admittedly captured her attention.

But this, she said, "is not a romantic story." In fact, she said it took "years to recover" from the romance — "almost as many years" as it took for her to come forward with her story." 

Source:People Magazine- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) 35th President of the United States (1961-63)

From The New Democrat

9/02/2021 - I generally don't like it when politicians make it personal in political ads, let alone political debates, but Donald Trump doesn't believe he has to follow the same rules that every other human being has to follow. Which is why I'm glad Joe Biden nailed him here. 

Joe beat Don in the first debate in 2020 simply by not being Donald Trump. When your opponent is drowning himself, you shouldn't give him a lifeline and try to out Donald him. 

Source:Tenor- Down goes Trump! (To paraphrase Howard Cosell)

From The New Democrat

9/03/2021 - When I think about what's going on in Texas right now, whether it's abortion or anything else, I think Phyllis Schlafly and Jerry Falwell are somewhere up there in Heaven or Hell (depending on your perspective) celebrating together.

I also think I wish Governor Rick Perry would've gone through on bullshit threat to succeed from the Union, after Barack Obama became President in 2009 and then Americans wouldn't have to suffer the consequences of living in Texas right now.

The Onion: "AUSTIN, TX—In a milestone victory for the anti-abortion movement, Texas governor Greg Abbott signed a new law this week that would offer private citizens $10,000 for the names of anyone they heard was a slut. “From the middle-aged woman on her second divorce to the 16-year-old girl making out with her boyfriend under the bleachers, we’re asking that everyday citizens assist us in tracking down these hussies,” said Abbott, who invited Texans as well as residents from outside the state to come forward with any information they have that could help identify tramps, whores, and other loose women. “Maybe her pants are too tight, maybe she looks like she’s having a little too much fun at the bar. It doesn’t matter if she’s ‘a huge skank’ or a bit of a ‘ho’—we promise that you will be handsomely rewarded for whatever information you have.” At press time, Abbott added that the state was also asking for the names of any complicit friends, family members, and fashion retailers." 

Source:The Onion- don't mess in Texas! LOL

From The New Democrat 

5/03/2022 - "I don't mean to sound like a washed up rock singer who is down to his last lyric, so he keeps repeating it. But for every left-wing Democrat who is freaking out about the pending Roe V. Wade decision from last night, I have one question for you: did you bother to vote in 2016? And for those left-wing Democrats who did bother to vote in 2016, I have another question for you: did you bother to vote Democratic in 2016? 

Elections have consequences and when Democrats don't vote, people like Donald Trump get elected simply because Democrats didn't bother to show up to the polls. And then Republicans even though they just won a closely decided, low-turnout election, get to govern the country and make decisions that have real consequences for the whole country. 

Maybe the pending Roe V. Wade decision will serve a a wakeup call about how important American democracy is, especially with the rise of right-wing authoritarianism, including in America. And Democrats will now turn out in high numbers in 2022." 

From my Facebook page.

5/10/2022 - F Shoaps: "Exactly. With the defeat of Mondale it solidified the death of the new deal coalition. And the liberal Democratic Party." 

Erik Schneider: "It depends on what you mean by liberal. 

If your idea of liberal is someone who is an antiestablishment, hippie/hipster revolutionary, who has long hair and rarely shaves, who wears military fatigues, while claiming to be anti-military, who wears leather clothing, while claiming that eating meat is animal cruelty, who wants to take down the American government and replace it with some type of socialist state, like with what we saw with the New-Left in the 1960s and 70s, then you are right. The McGovernite wing of the Democratic Party was all but dead by the time the Bill Clinton becomes President in 1992. 

But I'm a Liberal and that's not my idea of what a Liberal is. Today's Liberals pretty much represent what's left of the Center-Right of the Republican Party. Which is also all but dead in that party as well." 

Source:Mike Gardner- with a look at the Democratic Party after 1984.

From YouTube 

5/11/2022 - "With all due respect to left-wing Democrats, the only way you can fix the problem that you started by not voting in 2014 and 2016 and keeping the right to choose an abortion alive in America, is by voting in 2022 and expanding the Democrats majorities in Congress (House and Senate) and passing a bill like this in the next Congress. 

Senator Chris Van Hollen: "Later today the U.S. Senate will vote on a bill to guarantee women's reproductive rights. While Republicans are expected to block us by invoking the anti-democratic filibuster rule, today's vote will show the American people where every single Senator stands on the issue of reproductive freedom and abortion access. Let's be clear: we are at the start of a major fight to protect women's reproductive rights from the actions of this newly configured Supreme Court and to preserve the right of every woman to make her own decisions about her healthcare and future.
If implemented, last weeks' leaked Supreme Court draft decision would immediately create a situation where access to reproductive rights would depend on the state you live in. But that is only the first step on the GOP's agenda. Women in states like Maryland which have protected these rights in state law would be at risk to lose them if Republicans gain control of Congress this November and move to pass a 'federal law' outlawing reproductive rights in every state -- something Mitch McConnell has already stated is a real possibility. We will not stop until reproductive rights are protected." 

Source:Senator Chris Van Hollen- pro-Roe V. Wade rally on Capitol Hill.

From my Facebook page. 

5/12/2022 - "The best thing that Democrats and supporters of free choice when it comes to abortion, can do right now, is vote in 2022. Senate Democrats aren't going to pass this bill because they don't have the votes. And they're also not going to eliminate the filibuster because they don't have the votes." 

Planned Parenthood: "A leaked draft opinion shows that the Supreme Court plans to overturn Roe v. Wade, stripping us of control over our own bodies and our futures. No one — no politician, no judge — should have the power to control our personal health care decisions.
The Women's Health Protection Act (WHPA) is an essential step to expand and protect abortion access. It would also help guard against the kinds of bans and restrictions that have put abortion care out of reach for millions of people." 

Source:Planned Parenthood- of Ohio.

From my Facebook page.

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