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Helmer Reenberg: President John F. Kennedy's- '51st Press Conference: March 6, 1963'

Source:Helmer Reenberg- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) giving his 51st press conference in 1963, at The White House in Washington.

"THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Important steps are being taken in the Congress this week with respect to three major parts of the Administration's program and I want to take this opportunity to stress their importance to every American family.

President John F. Kennedy at The White House in 1963 promoting his economic agenda that included tax cuts, plus tax reform, as well as a job placement program for America’s youth. And he said that he expected Congress (a Democratic Congress) to act and pass his agenda.

Source:Helmer Reenberg- President John F. Kennedy (Democrat, Massachusetts) giving his 51st press conference in 1963, at The White House in Washington.

John F. Kennedy, when he became President of The United States in 1961 wanted to do a few things as it relates to economic policy. Go further in social insurance so more people could have access to affordable health care, especially senior citizens. In the areas of health insurance, but also more hospitals and health care professionals. But also in tax reform, lowering marginal tax rates where back in the early 1960s income tax rates ranged from 25-90%. Which was a drag on our economic growth, because Americans weren't seeing much benefit from their success and production.

So President Kennedy, wanted to lower taxes rates, because the Federal Government got a big chunk of what Americans were making. Which is why President Kennedy wanted to cut tax rates across the board. See more money in the economy, more take home pay for Americans to spend that money to see more economic growth. And these tax cuts served as an inspiration for the tax cutters on the Right in the late 1970s and early 1980s. That led to tax cuts at the state levels in the late 1970s and of course President Reagan's Economic Recovery Act of 1981.

But a Kennedy tax cut and a Barack Obama tax cut, are very different from a Reagan tax cut, or a George W. Bush tax cut. President Kennedy, didn't have this idea that tax cuts automatically paid for them self. And unlike supply siders he believed that deficits mattered. And that if you cut taxes, you should do that by paying for them. And he did that by cutting wasteful loopholes in the Federal tax code. Jack Kennedy, wasn't a Conservative as some on the Right like to suggest. And he wasn't a big welfare state Social Democrat that today's so-called Progressives like to believe he was. He was a  Liberal in the true sense. Not anti-government, but believed a limited government could help people who needed it help them self. 

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Economist: 'The Next Supermodel'

Source:The Economist- The Nordic Viking? 
"SMALLISH countries are often in the vanguard when it comes to reforming government. In the 1980s Britain was out in the lead, thanks to Thatcherism and privatisation. Tiny Singapore has long been a role model for many reformers. Now the Nordic countries are likely to assume a similar role.

That is partly because the four main Nordics—Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland—are doing rather well. If you had to be reborn anywhere in the world as a person with average talents and income, you would want to be a Viking. The Nordics cluster at the top of league tables of everything from economic competitiveness to social health to happiness. They have avoided both southern Europe’s economic sclerosis and America’s extreme inequality. Development theorists have taken to calling successful modernisation “getting to Denmark”. Meanwhile a region that was once synonymous with do-it-yourself furniture and Abba has even become a cultural haven, home to “The Killing”, Noma and “Angry Birds...

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Michelle Alexander: The New Jim Crow: Interview With Michelle Alexander

Source:Houston's Launch talking to author Michelle Alexander about her book The New Jim Crow.

"An interview by Anthony Perry (Youth Rights Activist) with Michelle Alexander (Author of The New Jim Crow) discussing the school to prison pipleline and how mass incarcaration has set many young people of color up for failure." 

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The Economist: 'Europe: Italy's Close Election Race: Silvio Berlusconi's Incredible Comeback'

Italy sounds similar to a lot of the other socialist republics in Europe that rely too much on the state to take care of its people and run their lives for them especially as it relates to the economy, where Italy really needs is not to necessarily adopt the American model. But they do need some type of liberal economic model and liberalize their economy where the people have the economic freedom to chart their own course in life and make out of it what they put into it, with a strong foundation that drives economic and job growth. 

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The O'Reilly Factor: 'Bill O'Reilly Interviews Fran Tarkenton'

Source:USA History Writer- Fran Tarkenton taking on the Dallas Cowboys.

Source:The Daily Press 

"A pretty heavy price to pay for all that fame and fortune, mighty alluring for sure but not really sure its worth it. look at Bernie Kosar, the guy can hardly talk due to all the head injuries he had." 

Minnesota Vikings QB Fran Tarkenton, obviously, but I don’t know which game this is or who he’s playing against. It could be Super 11 against the Oakland Raiders, but that’s a guess. I think Fran is certainly one of the best big game QB’s ever (not including the Super Bowl) and all the wins and playoff wins back that up, as well as how he played in all of those big regular season and playoff games.

Source:The Daily Press- Minnesota Vikings QB Fran Tarkenton, probably playing in the 1970s, but I don't know much about this photo.

I guess I have mixed feelings about Fran Tarkenton who is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. And probably would be in my top ten, but I like a lot of other people who follow the National Football League I judge QB’s by not only how they play in big games, big regular season games that determine division championships, playoff positioning as well as playoff games, but I also judge QB’s by how they played in the biggest game. Which of course is the Super Bowl and yes you can argue that those Minnesota Vikings teams were the second best team in each Super Bowl that Tarkenton was involved in.

And I’m not looking down on Fran because the Vikings lost all of those games. But I’m looking down on him for the fact that he didn’t do everything that he could to lead the Vikings in winning those games. He had three shots at the Super Bowl and didn’t play very well in any of them, couldn’t even get the Vikings to the end zone in Super Bowl 10 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. A game where the Vikings defense played very well and kept them in the game the whole way, but where their offense did almost nothing.

So that’s where Fran Tarkenton comes up short with me (no pun intended) but as far as how QB’s have done before the Super Bowl, Fran is one of the best of all-time in games before the Super Bowl, not many better. John Unitas, Joe Montana, John Elway, maybe Roger Staubach. Not necessarily in that order, but Unitas is number one with me at least overall. And if you look at QB’s and what they are able to do with the tools that they work with and the talent they have around them, Fran is one of the best ever.

Fran is one of the best of all time, leading a mediocre New York Giants team in the late 1960s to a winning record. Didn’t have a running game or a very good offensive line. (To use as an example) Defense came up short as well, but he was a great QB who always knew who to throw the ball too and how to get the ball to the available talent that he had. Like WR Homer Jones and TE Bob Tucker who were good players, but this wasn’t the West Coast San Francisco 49ers or any team like that. But Fran got the most out of what he had to work with.

In defense of Fran Tarkenton: this idea that he had a weak arm, if you look at his highlight films, you see him completing a lot of long passes and he did have good WR’s. Like Sammy White, John Gilliam, Ahmad Rashad, Chuck Foreman was the Roger Craig of his era and like another WR. And you also see Fran drilling some passes into tight coverage. He didn’t have a cannon, but a strong enough arm to make the right throws. And the Vikings of that era were a possession passing team anyway. So he was a great QB, but I don’t have him up higher because he came up short on the biggest stage three times and never came up big.

PotTV Network: 'Mandatory Minimums & Your Medical Cannabis Business'

Source:POT TV Kirk Tousaw speaking.

"A seminar by Kirk Tousaw, prominent cannabis lawyer and activist explains how the changes made to the Medical Marijuana Access Regulations affect patients and providers from a criminal law perspective.
This is a must see to understand how these changes can affect you." 


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Foreign Affairs: Kimberly J. Walsh: 'America's Misguided Approach to Social Welfare'

Source:Foreign Affairs with a look at the American public safety net.
"The amount of resources the American public and private sectors commit to all forms of welfare is massive -- the fifth highest outlay in the world. Yet the American way of distributing that money does less to reduce poverty and inequality than that of virtually any other rich democracy. The United States can, and should, reform its welfare state, and it does not need to resort to European style socialism to do so./p"

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Associated Press: 'RAW: Liberals and Conservatives See Options'

Source:Associated Press- President Barack H. Obama (Democrat, Illinois) addressing a joint session of the 113th Congress, during his State of the Union address.

"A member of the Heritage Foundation and a former Clinton administration speechwriter weigh in on which elements of President Barack Obama's State of the Union Address are politically feasible." 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

ABC News: Good Morning America: 2013 State of The Union Preview

Source:ABC News previewing President Obama's (Democrat, Illinois) State of The Union speech.

"State of the Union Address 2013: Preview of President Obama's Remarks. George Stephanopoulos reviews the latest news from the White House." 

From ABC News

Clinton Library: 'The 1994 State of the Union (Address to a Joint Session of the Congress)'

Source:William J. Clinton Presidential Library- President William J. Clinton (Democrat, Arkansas) 42nd President of the United States (1993-2001)
"This is video footage of President William Jefferson Clinton delivering a address to a joint session of Congress (State of the Union address). This footage is official public record produced by the White House Television (WHTV) crew, provided by the Clinton Presidential Library."

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Martu Uussia: Wounds of a Lover- Sexy Mexican Soap Opera

Source:Martu Uuusia- from Televisia in Mexico.

Source:The Daily Press

"Heridas de amor capitulo."

Here's a Mexican soap opera from Televisia TV taking place on a what at least in America and perhaps in Mexico would be called a Western ranch. What we call in America Western culture is pretty popular in Mexico, but they have their own Western culture that is not that different from what you see in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. But takes place in states in Mexico like Tijuana. If you watch the Spanish soap operas on Telemundo and Univision, a lot of them at least when I was watching them on a regular basis ten-years ago or so took place on ranches.

I love these types of shows because it combines the drama, backstabbing, ulterior motives and humor of a good soap opera. With cowboy and cowgirl culture and you get to see all of these Latin beautiful and sexy cowgirls like you see in this video throughout the show. It is sort of like watching Rodeo Girls on A&E, ( if you are familiar with that ) but it takes place in Mexico or perhaps Argentina or somewhere else in South America. Instead of the Southwest or Mountain West in America. 

James Miller Center: 'President Jimmy Carter - 1980 State of the Union'

Source:James Miller Center- James E. Carter (Democrat, Georgia) 39th President of the United States (1977-81)

"This is an excerpt. You can view the full speech here:James Miller Center

The President outlines the challenges America faces in the world, highlighting the serious Soviet threat to other countries after its invasion of Afghanistan, and he warns that any attempt to take over the Persian Gulf region will be seen as a threat to the U.S. interests. Carter continues to maintain America's military strength, but he stresses the importance of his economic and energy policies to further improve the nation's defense.

January 23, 1980" 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Foreign Affairs: Roger C. Altman: 'The Fall and Rise of The West'

"The 2008 financial crisis and the Great Recession that followed have had devastating effects on the U.S. economy and millions of American lives. But the U.S. economy will emerge from its trauma stronger and widely restructured. Europe should eventually experience a similar strengthening, although its future is less certain and its recovery will take longer to develop. The United States is much further along because its financial crisis struck three years before Europe's, in 2008, causing headwinds that have pressured it ever since. It will take another two to three years for these to subside, but after that, U.S... 

CSI Miami: Rest In Pieces- Raquel Welch Guess Stars (2012)

Source:CBS- Hollywood Goddess Eva LaRue on CSI Miami.

Source:The Daily Press

"When the 'Miami Taunter' kills again, Horatio comes face-to-face with the matriarch of the suspected killer's family, who may or may not help his investigation, on CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, March 11 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on CBS! Watch full episodes of your favorite show at:CBS." 

From CBS

"Rest In Pieces" -- When the "Miami Taunter" kills again, Horatio comes face-to-face with the matriarch of the suspected killer's family, who may or may not help his investigation, on CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, March 11 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.  Raquel Welch guest stars as Vina Navarro, the matriarch of a powerful Miami family." 

Source:CBS- Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch guest-starring on CSI Miami.

From Latest From CSI Miami

I will admit, I’m willing to watch anything that has Raquel Welch in it just to see Raquel in it, at least once. And then if the show or movie sucks and even the greatest stars have done at least some garbage that they want to forget about, I’ll probably now watch it again. But CSI Miami is one of the best cop shows at least on right now, if not ever. And I really want to see this episode with Raquel.
Source:CBS- Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch guess-starring on CBS's CSI Miami in 2012 with David Caruso playing a bad girl. Even though she's still too cute to scare little girls.

Raquel Welch was in her early 70s at this point and I guarantee you she was the best looking woman on the show, at least that night. And CSI Miami has Eva LaRue, who is also gorgeous and baby-face and well-built. And Emily Proctor, very attractive with a nice body, whose as cute as a little girl and at times at least sounds like one.

But what makes Raquel a goddess for all-time, is that she doesn’t seem to age, at least in public. She’s always been hot and has always been baby-face adorable. It’s just that the years she’s lived have gone up every year. I haven’t actually seen this show, so I couldn’t tell you how Raquel did on it.

But I can tell you how she looked and the star power she still has on it, or CBS doesn’t promote the show the way it did. An actress at this point when this episode came out in her early 70s, who still commands that much attention and who is still a goddess physically, looking better than beautiful women young enough to be her daughter and perhaps even her grand-daughter, was probably unheard of twenty-years ago. But Raquel makes it seem so natural. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Leather Honeys: Miss Sixty Babe- in Tight Leather Jeans

Source:Leather Honeys- Miss Sixty Babe, from Leather Honeys.
Source:The Daily Press 

"Miss Sixty Babe, in tight leather pants." Originally from Leather Honeys, but that video has since been deleted or blocked on YouTube.  

There are times that I certainly write pieces for the pure pleasure of it. And in this case this would be something that would make me feel good and a lot of other guys would feel good, but if someone from the Christian-Right, Moral Majority and that club ever saw it, they would try to send me to hell.

That hell would probably be a prison, because that is the closest that they could get too. But when you post a video of a sexy woman in all black, including skin-tight black leather jeans that Jim Morrison The Lizard King would be proud of and she's showing her asset, you're not speaking to a church, or a so-called family values group.

I'm not a fan of what is called hard-core porn. And for me that is basically very sexy naked women, or women who only cover up their boobs and lets say mid-section, leaving their legs and chess bare. But I do like sexy women in tight outfits. Especially women in tight jeans and boots.

Love leather jeans models, like you see in this video. Love cowgirls, biker women and athletically built women entertainers and women I just see on the street. You don't have to be pornographic to look sexy. You can look sexy and even where tight outfits. Including with skinny denim and leather with boots and other pants and skirts and look sexy, but not have to look like you work at a sex shop.

Sexy women to me, are stylish women. A porno star, would probably get my attention and I'm sure I would check her out. But a sexy stylish woman with a nice body who knows how to show her body without being practically naked will be in my memory. And I'll be thinking about her and want to get to know her, because a woman like that probably has more going on for her than just her body.

But a woman who feels the need to be half-naked on a regular basis, or does that to make a living, probably doesn't have much else going on for her. 

Vicki McKenna Show: 'Liberals Don't Care About Black People'

Source:Vickie McKenna Show- talking about the state of the African-American community in the Democratic Party.

"Bob appears on The Vicki McKenna Show (WIBA 1310, Madison, WI) to discuss the condition of the black community under Obama, Democrats, and the Chicago murder epidemic." 

I don't like putting words in other people's mouths (and I'm sure that makes me unique) and I generally don't do that (which also makes me unique) but what Vickie McKenna and her friend Bob are essentially saying that African-American voters are suckers. They there's all of these bad things going on in their community (according to them) and this community has never been worst off (according to them) and yet African-Americans vote for Democrats overwhelmingly anyway.

The real reason why African-Americans vote for Democrats overwhelmingly is very simple: Democrats go into those communities and campaign for those votes. Now you can argue that Democrats take African-American voters for granted and just campaign for their votes, but then don't do a damn thing for them in non-election years and I actually agree with that. 

The Republican base is a coalition of Southern and rural Anglo-Saxon-Protestant male voters and country club Republicans in the North. As well as Latino voters in the Southeast and Southwest, at least when Republicans are in close elections. While Democrats count on African-Americans and white-collar women of all racial and ethnic backgrounds. It's nothing more complicated than that. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Leathered Life 2012: Tessa- In Miss Sixty Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life- Leathered Life model Tessa, in Miss Sixty leather jeans.
Source:The Daily Press

"Tessa in black leather." Originally from Leathered Life.

A short but sweet video, I guess. I like the woman, but it would’ve been nice to of gotten a better look at her face. And even more so I liked her outfit. She basically looked like a rocker or biker chick with the leather jacket and leather jeans.

Which is a fairly common look for both rocker and biker chicks, especially biker chicks because leather and leather jeans are so practical with what they do and riding their bikes. Because the leather jeans protect their legs especially from hot bikes. And they look real good on biker chicks on bikes and they are a great way for sexy women to show off their bodies especially their legs and butts.

So this woman wearing a sexy outfit, but this video was just too short for me and would’ve liked to of seen at least a two-minute video of this woman in this outfit.

20th Century Fox: Lady in Cement (1968) 'Raquel Welch: Bikini Slideshow'

Source:20th Century Fox- Raquel Welch, Swimsuit Edition.

"Raquel Welch Bikini Slideshow Lady In Cement 1968." 

From Mark Blue 

Here you can see Hollywood Goddess Raquel Welch in the pool in her bikini, as well as out of the pool in her bikini, with The Chairman of the Board Frank Sinatra as just an innocent spectator. Raquel is a good actress and I believe an excellent comedian as well, but let's face it: her Goddess features and voice are always the the first things that people (perhaps especially guys) notice about her.

Source:20th Century Fox- Raquel Welch Swimsuit Edition.

“Tony Rome (Frank Sinatra) is a Miami based detective who while diving in the ocean finds the body of a young woman. He is hired by Waldo Gronsky (Dan Blocker) to find her killer. Tony has to sift through a stack of suspects, plus trying to elude the Police. Written by Kelly.” 

Source:IMDB- Lady in Cement (1968) poster.

Lady in Cement is actually a very good movie. Very funny as Frank Sinatra movies tend to be, because he was a very good comedic actor with a very good off the cuff sense of humor. This movie also has a lot of good action scenes in it as well and a hell of a cast.

But take Raquel out of this movie and they would have to replace her with another goddess who if she isn’t as hot, sexy and adorable as Raquel, she would have to at least be in her ballpark.

Someone like Jill St. John who was in the first Tony Rome movie. (Any guesses on what the first Tony Rome movie was called) An actress like Raquel Welch brings guys to movies by herself. Because she’s so hot and sexy and adorable and that voice and yet she can also act as well.

Raquel and Frank are twenty-five years apart in real-life and perhaps in this movie as well. And yet the Raquel character Kit, is attracted to Tony Rome, because he’s Frank Sinatra. Well, actually because Tony Rome is a very charming intelligent funny smart-ass, who is very good at his job.

Rome is attracted to Kit as well, because, as if you don’t know the answers to that! But he needs her for the case he’s working on and she knows men that might have something to do with the murder he’s investigating. If not did the murder themselves and he uses her to get to them, as well as please himself.

Kit also tries to use Rome to get him to investigate someone else, with Rome telling her: “When I want it, I’m not going to trade for it.” With Kit calling Tony a bastard. You can tell that they’re very attracted to each other in this movie, but that Rome has a job to do and that is what he concentrates on. And it’s a very entertaining movie.

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Rusted Televisione: Kennedys Don't Cry From 1975- 'The Story of an American Political Dynasty'

Source:Rusted Televisione- A 1975 documentary about The Kennedy Family, the greatest American political dynasty we've ever had.
Source:The Daily Press

"Released in 1975, and narrated by actor Cliff Robertson, Kennedys Don't Cry is an intimate portrait of America's favorite first family. Combining home movies, archival footage, and interviews, the film recounts in detail the Kennedy clan's achievements and tragedies. The history of this powerful family is traced from its beginnings in Ireland, to the business success of patriarch Joe, to the political triumphs of JFK, Bobby, and Teddy. Meet the gracious and appealing Jackie Kennedy, and JFK's children Caroline and John. Relive the shocking assassinations of JFK and Bobby.

The real-life saga of the triumphs and tragedies of America's most powerful political dynasty is told in this remarkable video. The handsome and popular young president JFK, cut down in his prime by an assassin's bullet; his wife Jackie, the most appealing First Lady in history, who transformed the White House into a shimmering Camelot; their young children Caroline and 'John John'...and Bobby, the younger brother, murdered during his inspirational presidential campaign. This "video album" features rare home movies, interviews and archival footage of the Kennedy family, from their childhood to their rise to power. It's an intimate and revealing look at their public and private lives, revealing the Kennedy wit, charisma and political savvy that captivates the nation and the world."

From Rusted Televisione

The Kennedy I have the most admiration for would be John F. Kennedy. Who was our 35th President of the United States, after serving fourteen years in Congress both in the House and Senate. I like him the most for political reasons, because he’s exactly what a Liberal Democrat should be and is. But I probably have more respect for Edward M. Kennedy, Ted Kennedy of course. Just because he never changed, always fought for what he believed in and so-forth. Perhaps the hardest working and most productive person to ever serve in Congress. House or Senate and of course was called the Lion of the Senate a title he definitely earned.

With Robert F. Kennedy, I believe Bobby represented the heart of the family and what his family and Democrats should represent. And be about and I believe was one of the most effective Attorney Generals we’ve ever had in this country. Because of his work of making organize crime a national issue and importance and the people he was able to bring down. Along with his work on civil rights and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Kennedy family, is the closest thing we’ve ever had to a royal family in America and hopefully the closest we’ll ever come.

The Kennedy’s, are the most successful political family we’ve ever had at one point having the Presidency the Attorney General’s office and a member in Congress. Since 1947, there has been at least one Kennedy serving in Congress House or Senate all the way up until 2009 when Senator Ted Kennedy died and was obviously out of Congress. If you’re last name is Kennedy and you look like you have a future, you’ll always be asked unless you are already in Congress, are you going to run for Congress, or the White House.

The closet thing the Republican Party has probably produced as far as successful political families, is the Bush Family of course. With two members serving in Congress. Senator Prescott Bush in the 1950s and Representative George H.W. Bush in the 1960s. George W. Bush, ran for the House in 1978, but lost, but they have had two president’s. So they’ve been very successful as well politically. I believe these are the reasons why the Kennedy Family is so beloved, or at least respected. Because of everything they’ve accomplished and of course the members of the family themselves.

The Kennedy Family, is a very likable family with very charming people. At times seeming more like a Hollywood family than a Washington family. Weighing in on all the big decisions of the day, which is why they are so famous. They are a story of rags to riches, at least from how Joe Kennedy Sr. started out in life and what he made of his life. And pushed his children so hard that they would never have to live in poverty ever. But it is also a family of tragedy and fortune. Having lost so much as far as life, but have built so much for themselves as well. A truly American family Irish, or otherwise.

ABC News: This Week With George Stephanopoulos: 'Michelle Rhee Author of "Radical: Fighting to Put Students First'

Source:ABC News talking to education author Michelle Rhee.

"Controversial education reformer, author of the new book "Radical: Fighting to Put Students First."

From ABC News

Michelle Rhee representing exactly what education reform is about:

 where students would be able to go school based on what's the best school for them, rather than where they live. 

teachers being paid based on how good of a job they are doing instead of how long they've been doing the job

funding schools based on what they need, rather than where they are located 

and judging students, teachers and schools based on how they perform, instead of funding and promoting them, just because they are students, teachers, and schools.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Brookings Institution: Fiona Hill & Clifford Gabby: 'Vladimir Putin As Statist: Restoring The Greatness of Russia'

Source:Brookings Institution talking to author Fiona Hill.

"In their new book, Mr. Putin: Operative in the Kremlin, Fiona Hill and Clifford Gaddy take a closer look at Russian president Vladimir Putin's governing style through the lenses of several distinct identities. In this first of five video blog posts, Hill and Gaddy examine Putin as "statist", appointed to serve the Russian state and restore its greatness." 

From Brookings Institution

I don't believe Vladimir Putin the President of the Russian Federation is a Communist. But he does represent the new statism or reformed statism in Russia and is certainly not a Liberal-Democrat, orr even a Conservative. But someone who believes that the role of government is to preserve the state. And to look after the state the country as a whole, even if that means limiting individual freedom. And centralizing more power with the Federal Government in Russia and with the Kremlin itself. 

Vladimir Putin is Russia's version of a Nationalist in America, not completely authoritarian, not a Communist, not believing that all power in the country should be controlled by the Federal Government. But someone who values the state and order in the country over freedom and thats how he's governed there.

Criterion Collection: Primary (1960) The Democratic Race For President

Source:Criterion Collection- John and Jacqueline Kennedy, perhaps in 1960.

Source:The Daily Press

“Later this month, we’re releasing The Kennedy Films of Robert Drew & Associates, a collection of landmark achievements in documentary filmmaking. The first in the set is Primary, which documents the 1960 presidential primary in Wisconsin and was shot on a camera engineered specifically by Drew and his team to allow for sync-sound recording, a feature that made the entire genre of cinema verité possible.

In one of the most famous shots in all of documentary history, Albert Maysles’s camera follows JFK into Milwaukee’s American Serb Hall (host tonight to a post-primary party for Republican candidate Ted Cruz). The scene documents the palpably intense level of adulation that Kennedy had already managed to attract, and which would carry him later that year to the highest office in the country."

How about this for a political promotion: Robert F. Kennedy goes from being a Congressional counsel and staffer in the Senate in the late 1950s, to not just running his brother’s presidential campaign in 1960 at the age for 34, but running the winning campaign that year as well.

Source:The Daily Press- John F. Kennedy's brother Robert, campaigning for him in 1960.

The 1960s elections especially the presidential election between Senator John Kennedy and Vice President Richard Nixon, were fascinating for several reasons. But it was a fascinating election season before Jack Kennedy and Dick Nixon won their party’s nomination for President. The Democratic primaries had two of the strongest leaders in the Democratic Party competing with each other for the Democratic nomination, in Senator Kennedy and Senator Hubert Humphrey.

The two Senators represented different factions of the Democratic Party and even different generations of the party. Even though they were both from the same generation officially. Hubert Humphrey represented the old guard, or what I call the Old-Left of the Democratic Party, the FDR coalition of Northern Progressives and Southern Conservatives who tended to work together on economic policy and foreign policy, but were different on civil rights obviously.

Senator Humphrey came out in favor of civil rights before it became popular to use as an example. And Senator Kennedy represented what I call the Reformed-Left, people who were called New Democrats in the 1980s, the true Liberal Democrats in the party. The JFK vs HHH Democratic primaries weren’t just about who would try to lead the Democratic Party in the next four years. But who would lead the country and which faction of the Democratic Party would lead the country in the next four years.

And I believe had Jack Kennedy not of been assassinated as President in 1963 and gotten reelected in 1964, the Vietnam War doesn’t happen at least as far as how the United States was involved in it. And that he would’ve realized how big of a mistake it would’ve been for America to try to win that war at least on our own. And what’s called the New-Left that came together in the 1960s because of the Vietnam War and the Great Society, against the war, but strongly in favor of the Great Society.

I don’t believe the New Left emerges that’s become Occupy Wall Street today. Because there wouldn’t of been a need for it and the old FDR/LBJ coalition would’ve stayed in place and the Democratic Party would look different today. Had Senator Humphrey defeated Senator Kennedy in 1960 and somehow gone on to defeat Vice President Nixon in the general election. The Democratic Party would look different today as well because again I don’t believe a President Humphrey would’ve gotten the United States as involved in the Vietnam War as it did.

And the New-Left or Occupy Wall Street isn’t in existence today, because again there wouldn’t of been a need for it. But the Reformed-Left or New Democratic Coalition doesn’t emerge either, or at least not as early as it did. Perhaps Senator Kennedy runs for President in 1968 and gets elected, but a lot of New Democrats of today that came from the Baby Boom Generation that looks up to Jack Kennedy and see him as our leader, I’m not a baby boomer I’m a Gen-Xer, but Jack Kennedy is a big political hero of mine. And I’m a New Democrat as well.

The JFK-HHH primaries was really about the sole or future of the Democratic Party and where we were going as a country. And what the Democratic Party was going to look like in the future. Which is why these primaries were so important and a big reason why people were so fascinated. Because JFK was new as a national leader and spoke differently and had different ideas and a different vision. As far as where he would take the country and Democratic Party. Against HHH who represented the old guard or Old-Left in the Democratic Party that were looking to expand the New Deal. 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Leathered Life: Lara- 'Powergirl in Black Leather'

Source:Leathered Life- Lara for Leathered Life. I just wish the video still played, or even still existed.
Source:The Daily Press 

"Power girl in black leather." 

I wish Leathered Life, was as active now, as it was 4-5 years ago. Because if you love seeing sexy and I mean beautiful well-built women in tight leather jeans and boots as well, Leathered Life was probably the best place find images of women like that. Not that they had a lot of competition, but their models are curvy with tight curves. And you consistently see them in Miss Sixty black leather jeans, with boots and t-shirts. Lena, one of their models there, is a beautiful baby-faced adorable brunette, with big curves and a very tight body. Looks great in those Miss Sixty jeans.

Unlike with denim jeans of course there are not a lot of leather jean brands. Levis, makes leather jeans and so does Wrangler and maybe a few others. But Miss Sixty, specializes in leather jeans and they also make denim jeans. They're great with the skin-tight, or skinny jeans, both leather and denim. And they make them for women and men. What you see with Lara in this video, is a wide-range of Miss Sixty. The leather jeans, leather coat and leather boots. She's one of their better models at Leathered Life.

Leather jeans, especially for women, are pretty common in Europe and I believe in Latin America as well. But they haven't caught on very well in America except for the late 1970s and early 1980s and then came back in the late 1990s and early 2000s. They tend to be seen as very Rock and Roll, or biker and unless you come from that culture, women don't tend to be very comfortable wearing them. Unlike skinny denim jeans, where they wear those jeans everywhere even to work now. To show off their legs and butts. Which is too bad, because if anything leather jeans are a better way for women to show off their bodies.

Associated Press: 'Economy Adds Jobs But Jobless Rate Ticks Higher'

Source:Associated Press- Joanie Ruge is always a sight for sore eyes.

"The year began with a slight jump in the unemployment rate, but job growth shows strength." 

Leathered Life: Chrissie in Leather Jeans

Source:Leathered Life- model Chrissie.

Source:The Daily Press

“The leathered side of life. it offers to you large archives of real life girls in leather pants and pictures of leather models, leather videos and much more… all for free. so take a look and enjoy it! :)” 

“Chrissie in her Leather Pants”

Source:Leathered Life- model Chrissie

From Leathered Life

“Leathered Life Oldies – Chrissie in Leather Pants” 

Source:Leathered Life- Chrissie, from Leathered Life, in tight leather jeans. 
From Leathered Life

Very cute leather model. A little petite for men as a tall man over two-hundred pounds, I prefer taller athletic women over little cuties. But she has a great outfit here with the black leather jacket, the leather jeans and black leather boots. Looks like a biker chick, or perhaps a rocker chick. I just wish this combination was more common in America outside of rocker and biker culture than it is.

Not many Americans have the confidence to even pull off leather pants, let alone leather jeans, with a leather jacket and boots to go with it. The worry about coming off as too sexy, or perhaps even worst and not having the right body and looking real bad in the. Perhaps they don't have strong legs and a good butt and the pants look baggy. Or the pants are too small and they don't fill very well in them.

But outside of rocker and biker culture and the occasional sexy celebrity, who does have a lot of confidence in their appearance, you won't see women and men, go out in public in skin-tight leather jeans, that they fit perfectly in and look great in them. Alisha Keys and perhaps a few other come to mind and that's about it.

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