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Raquel Welch: Ready to Groove

Source:The Pin Up Channel- Raquel Welch grooving.
Source:The Daily Press

"Raquel Welch I'm Ready to Groove."

From The Pin Up Channel 

“A great issue of Twen, published in January 1968. It features Raquel Welch on the cover, an interview with Heinz Edelmann about his artwork for The Beatles’ Yellow Submarine movie, plus some fantastic fashion editorials and lots of other gorgeous 1960s art and illustrations throughout, including a double page illustration of ‘Ringo in Wonderland’ which measures 21″ x 13¼”. This issue seems to be quite scarce at the moment, but occasionally a copy turns up for sale on Ebay, however, incase you haven’t managed to find one yet, this is a brief glimpse of the aforementioned contents.” 
Source:Twen- Raquel Welch Bikini Edition.

Raquel Welch the sexy performer with a great voice. The cutest, hottest, sexiest thing on stage. She was built and created for the 1960s when you had all of these sexy funny musical comedies come out, including the hippie movies as well. Raquel came out at the perfect time for her as far as what was going on in Hollywood and what she brought as far as talent. Hot baby-faced adorable woman, with a great body, great voice, who moves very well, who can also act and is a hell of a satirist.

Physically Raquel is one of the top Hollywood Goddess's of all-time, but she's one of the top Hollywood goddess's of all-time as an entertainer as well. She's in the same class as Marilyn Monroe and Sophia Loren, as far as women who look incredible, but who are also great performers as well.

I don't know much about the movie A Swingin Summer. But the fact that Raquel is in and did this number is the only reason I need to see it. The movie might be trash and one of the worst things ever made. But she's in it and she's great. Or the movie could be very good and very funny Myra Breckinridge, with Raquel in, but with Raquel in it the movie is that much better. She brings guys to movies just to see her.

That is the sign of a Hollywood star. People thinking they might be taking a risk seeing this movie, but since Raquel is in that is a risk worth taking. Because again she's in it I'm going to keep an eye out for this movie so I can see it and get a copy of it if I like it. I did the same thing with Myra Breckinridge which is now one of my favorite satires of all-time.

AP: Video: Bill Gates: On Poverty and The United States: How to Reduce Poverty in America

Does the United States spend enough on poverty prevention and poverty assistance in America. Well considering we have roughly fifty million Americans living in this country and we spend to take. Bill Gates figure .02% of our Gross National Product on poverty assistance and prevention in this country. Roughly 35B$ a year or 700$ a year per person in this country, roughly the per capita income per person in Ethiopia. One of the poorest countries in the World, I would say of course not but we shouldn't judge our success levels in dealing with poverty. By the amount of money we spend on it but by the results we are getting, how these people are living. Are they able to pay their basic bills, have enough quality food for the whole family, kids getting a. Good education and so fourth because even if we were spending at the World average for developed nations. Of 1% of GDP or so, thats still around three thousand dollars per person, when we really need to be at. 15-20K$ per person in poverty that would go so these people can meet their basic needs. But there would also be resources there so they can move themselves out of poverty in areas like. Education, job training and job placement.

Which is why we need to either replace the minimum wage with a living wage or have two different floors of income in this country. A living wage and a minimum wage, a living wage for workers and a minimum wage for people collecting Welfare Insurance. People with low skills who simply don't work because they don't have the skills that they need to make enough money to be. Independent in life, we should be rewarding work over dependence to encourage low skilled Americans. To get an education but also encourage low skilled Americans to work to get a job and be able to pay their own bills. Thats how you move people out of poverty in America, not just by spending more money but doing it in a way. Where low skilled people are able to pay their bills in the short term but also have a shot at a real future where they can take care. Of themselves and not be forced to live on public assistance for their whole lives.

The next step in dealing with poverty in America and it really should've been part of the first step eighty years ago. Is to invest in things that actually move people out of poverty and not just financially support them while they continue to live on poverty.

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