Wednesday, October 16, 2013

NBC Sports: MLB 1984- St. Louis Cardinals @ Chicago Cubs: Game of The Week

Source:NBC Sports with the MLB Game of The Week.

Source:The Daily Press

“MLB 1984 06 23 84 Cardinals at Cubs”
The baseball game that seemed like it would never end. A classic game in this great Cardinals-Cubs rivalry, great rivalry even though the Cardinals are traditional winners and champions. And the Cubs generally are not only losers, but tend to finish way out of contention.
This was a great game, if you hate pitching and perhaps see pitching as an inconvenience to slugfests and perhaps as a necessary evil that is necessary so that baseball games actually come to conclusion at some point.
This game was essentially a home run derby where the team that could find away to get more outs and scored last was going to win. But not a great game in the sense that it was a great all around played game with good pitching, defense, and with timely hitting, that went down to last outs and into the ninth inning not knowing who was going to win at the end.

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