Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Milton Friedman: Health Care in a "Free Market": Giving people the Freedom of Choice to decide their own Healthcare and Health Insurance

The term Free Market gets thrown out a lot but the fact is its a bogus term. There's no such thing as a "Free Market", the Private Sector has always been regulated. In every Free Enterprise economy in the World. As well as there's always been a role for the Public Sector, to no only regulate the economy but be active in the economy as well. Amtrak and the US Postal Service are perfect examples of this. When people talk about a "Free Market", unless they believe government has no role in the economy at all. A position that Libertarians tend to take, they are actually talking about the Private Market. The Private Sector, individuals and organizations acting on their own to produce goods and services in the economy.

Healthcare and Health Insurance in a Private Market, would be to allow individuals to decide for themselves. How they pay for their Healthcare, being able to choose their own Health Insurance. Instead of the Public or Private Sector making those decisions for them. And from my perspective requiring everyone that receives Healthcare in America. To pay for their share of their Healthcare, whether its either through Health Insurance, a Health Savings Account or out of pocket. As long as they cover their costs, which is why I don't support Medicare For All. Where the Federal Government would run the Health Insurance System in America. Or why I don't support what Britain has, which is basically Socialized Medicine. Where the UK Government has the responsibility to provide most of the Healthcare and Health Insurance in Britain. Or why I don't support turning our entire Healthcare System over to the Private Sector.

This is why I support a Private/Public Healthcare System in America that would provide our Healthcare. And how we pay for it, if there's a market for Private Health Insurance or Public Health Insurance. Just as long as they are regulated properly and the people who choose this Healthcare and Health Insurance. Don't pass their costs on to others, then they should have the Freedom of Choice. To make those decisions for themselves, thats what we get in a Liberal Democracy. Allowing individuals to make their own decisions and then holding them accountable for their own decisions.

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