Friday, March 15, 2013

Foreign Affairs: Latin America: Juan de Ornis: Reelect President Dilma Rousseff: Social Democracy in Brazil

Reelect Rousseff: In February, Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff announced that she would seek a second term in office. Given the country's poor economic performance, the coming election season will not be an easy one for her.

From what I know about the Federative Republic of Brazil a country thats physically the size of the mainland United States. A country of 190M people with the fifth largest economy in the World, is that the two main political parties in that country are both Democratic-Socialist parties. The Workers Party led by President Dilma Rousseff and the Socialist Party so one way or the other Brazil is going to have. Some type of Social Democracy, the question is what type of a Social Democracy and how much will be expected of the Federal Government. There to meet the needs of the people and how much freedom will the Brazilian people have to meet the needs of themselves. And how much opportunity will be there for the people to move up and not be dependent on the state in order to survive. And the other question being since we are talking about a Social Democracy and not a Communist Republic or a country with. Social and political freedom but with essentially no economic freedom where the state does own the means of production in society and. By the way those types of Democracies do not exist anymore if they ever did. What does Social Democracy mean especially in a country as large as Brazil with this large of an economy.

This is a country thats deep in resources including oil and steel that can generate its own energy and export it. As well as deep in land and in people and is a Social Democracy with a considerable amount of freedom , economic, social and political. So Brazil is not only an economic power now but if they make the right economic decisions and continue to move people out of power and bring up living. Standards all over the country where all Brazilian people have access to a good education and can get themselves the skills that they need to be successful in life. And even start their own business's, this is a country that could be the next superpower in the developed Democratic world and a country that could. Not only take on America and Europe but even pass them and be the dominant economic as well as political and militarily power in Latin America. Depending on how well Mexico continues to develop its large Democracy as well.

So what you get with Social Democracy at its best, especially in a huge country like Brazil. With all of its people land and natural resources. Is a country similar to Canada, where there's a strong functioning safety net thats also affordable and doesn't drain resources from the private sector. That basically provides basic human resources that people need to live well but where the people have the freedom and. Responsibility to do the rest for themselves, so in a Social Democracy everyone has access to education and healthcare thats affordable. And generally provided by government but where taxes aren't so high that they discourage people from working hard, being productive and being successful because they are. Able to keep a lot of what they earn in society which could be the future of Brazil.

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