Monday, May 28, 2012

Sarah McLachlan: ‘I Will Remember You’

Source:Sarah MacLachlan- seems unforgettable to me.

Source:The Daily Press

“Sarah McLachlan – mv – i will remember you
one of my favs. From her album Rarities, B-sides & Other Stuff (1996)
or you could find it on The Brothers McMullen soundtrack (1995 Seamus Egan Edward Burns)”

"A Nation that does not honor it's heros will not long endure.' President Abraham Lincoln. 
A photo story tribute.
Music by Sarah McLachlan." 

Source:B.A. Coder- honoring our brave heroes who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

From B.A. Coder 

Source:The Daily Press- Happy Memorial Day.
The United States takes one day out of the year officially to remember and celebrate everyone who has served our country in combat and in our services. And the people who gave their lives and health, to serve their country and to protect everything that we value as a country. Which is our freedom, the ability for Americans to live our own lives. 

Memorial Day is not about weekend sales or parties or cookouts or the unofficial start of summer, in at least the Mid Atlantic and Southeast. And the first good opportunity to go to the beach. We just do those things as Americans to celebrate Memorial Day. We use our freedom to do the things, to celebrate Memorial Day, that our veterans have their gives lives and health, to allow us the freedom to, throw a party, go to a party, go to the pool, or go to the beach. 

Memorial Day, isn’t about perhaps the best three-day weekend of the year. It’s about the freedom to celebrate that day and that weekend and about the sacrifices that our veterans have made.

Our veterans have made those sacrifices and are still doing that today, with all of our troops around the world, so we can have the freedom to celebrate that day, those three beautiful hot days. (At least where I live) That we can enjoy, because we have the freedom to enjoy them, because of what our veterans have sacrificed to give us that freedom. 

So as we are celebrating this beautiful great day, going to our cookouts and parties, going to the pool, going to the beach, take at least a moment to see why you are able to do those things and remember that Memorial Day is not Party Day, it’s not Cookout Day, it’s not Beach Day.

What we do to celebrate Memorial Day are things that we do to celebrate and enjoy what is Memorial Day. And that we wouldn’t be able to celebrate Memorial Day if it wasn’t for the sacrifices that our veterans and their families have made so we do the things we do to celebrate Memorial Day. 

I promise this will be the only political thing I say on this post, but if there’s one day that we as Americans can come together and to celebrate, even as divided as a country that we are and have been for a while now, it should be Memorial Day. Because Memorial Day is about celebrating the people who have made it possible. For us to disagree and even be disagreeable with each other as a country. 

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