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Michael Moore: The Sean Hannity Show- Michael Moore Debating Sean Hannity

Source:Michael Moore- New-Leftist and filmmaker Michael Moore: on Sean Hannity in 2009.
"Here's round two of Michael Moore on The Sean Hannity Show. It was recorded live-to-tape on the same day as round one of the showdown, but Hannity decided to break it into two separate shows. I suppose he likes to take his beatings piecemeal. Enjoy round two of the TV appearance that turned Fox News viewers against Sean Hannity."

Source:Michael Moore

My main issue with Michael Moore is not with his, let's says Socialist politics: he's an American and can believe in anything he wants. My issues with Michael Moore have to do with his candor and honesty: he attacks a system thats benefited him very well. 

Michael Moore comes from a good, working class, community in Michigan, where he went to good schools, including college. Has gotten himself a very good education, worked hard, has been very productive, now owns his own film company. And has become a very wealthy man as a result in the private sector. Government hasn't provided him with his wealth other than his education.

Mr. Moore bashes an economic system that he's benefited from very well and then speaks highly of an economic system in a third world country like the Communist Republic in Cuba, that's a third world country, where the average Cuban makes somewhere around 5k$, compared with the average American, that makes around 50K$ a year. So he's speaking down to an economic system that's benefited hundreds of millions of Americans and speaks in favor of an economic system that's put millions of Cubans in poverty.

You don't see American Leftists moving to Cuba to live there or move to democratic socialist countries in Europe to live there. Even though they speak in high praise of the systems there, Mr. Moore speak in favor of the Cuban system, but then says when asked why are they so poor: "Well, because Cuba is a third world country." Well the simple answer to that is, if the Cuban system is so great, then why are they a third world country: it's really that simple. 

This is my issue with Moore, not about his politics but his candor, bashing a system that's worked so well for him. He can believe whatever he wants but when you make films like this, like praising Cuba and the Cuban system, that's a third world country (by the way) and then bashing the American system, that he's benefited so well from and thats my whole problem with Michael Moore, is his honesty.

There's that old saying that you are entitled to your own opinions but not your own facts. And that saying is so old because it's said so many times and this saying fits very well with Michael Moore and why I don't take most of the things that Michael Moore says seriously. It's rare that I agree with Sean Hannity on anything, as often as Jews hug Arabs and vice-versa. But Hannity is correct when he say that Michael "trashes a system that he's benefited from."

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