Monday, June 25, 2012

"Court Decision 'takes Teeth' Out of Ariz. Law": Big Win for the US Constitution

Supporters of Comprehensive Immigration Reform such as myself and lots and lots of other Liberals and Democrats. Have gotten two big victories in just the last ten days on Immigration Reform, President Obama making the Dream Act a part of his Administration's policy ten days ago. And of course the US Supreme Court tossing out 3-4 previsions of the 2010 Arizona Immigration Law or SB1070, that would've allowed Arizona Law Enforcement to arrest people they suspect are Illegal Immigrants. What they will be allowed to do however, is notify Federal Law Enforcement of people they suspect are Illegal Immigrants, as President Obama has said this whole case just reinforces the need for Comprehension Immigration Reform in the United States. A law that would prevent Illegal Immigration in the first place but also deals with the 10-15M Illegal Immigrants that are already here but who aren't criminals. And producing not taking from the country, people who are net producers, not net takers. Not going to happen in 2012, in a General Election with both the White House and Congress at stake but gives supporters of Comprehensive Immigration Reform something to run on.

As I blogged ten days ago, that the Obama Administration has had three years to put a plan on the table. Send a bill to Congress and hasn't gotten around to doing that and calculated that it was too big of a lift politically, especially for vulnerable Democrats. So when I hear the President give speeches about it, I have to take it with at least one grain of salt and have a hard time taking it seriously. And question whether he's actually serious about it but this election I believe will determine the future of Immigration Reform. If the President is reelected with a Republican House and a Democratic Senate, probably not much will happen in the next Congress. If Mitt Romney is elected President with a Republican Congress, the Republican House at least will try to pass a security only Immigration Reform bill. Which they probably won't be able to get out of the Senate, even if it passes the House. If the President is reelected with a Democratic Congress, hopefully they'll at least try to pass a comprehensive bill.

A good victory for the Obama Administration today winning on 3-4 previsions of SB1070. But as a result we are going to hear more talk about the need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform. But thats all it will be, because Democrats aren't ready for that big of a lift and the Republican House are only interested in a security only bill. That does nothing to deal with the 10-15M Illegal Immigrants in the country who aren't criminals.

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