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Reelz: Reel Life Marilyn Monroe

Source:Reelz Network- this photo is the cover photo of this blog post, because it's the photo from the Reelz documentary Reel Life Marilyn Monroe. But the link and video for that documentary that this photo is from, is not currently available online right now.

Source:The New Democrat

“Great documentary I loved it and I love Marilyn. I am crying like a baby so sad the life she lived feeling like no one wanted her or she was not good enough. She was an amazing and beautiful woman who overcome obstacles to become a great star. You cannot help but fall in love with her and her childhood innocence just makes you want to hold and take care of her and never let her go. She is legendary and will be here long after we are gone. There has never and will never be another like her ever.”

Source:Mona Leitner- Playboy Hugh Hefner.

From Mona Leitner

In many ways Marilyn Monroe was about as real of a person as we can get, at least on the inside. She was very human with all sorts of strengths and weakness’ and vulnerabilities. That the real Marilyn was the baby-face goddess on the outside, but the real Marilyn was also a very vulnerable person on the inside who was pretty immature and tended to see things the way she wanted to, instead of how they were. It is easy to say that a woman like that, again on the outside should never lack confidence, because she has it all.

Marilyn never had it all. She was physically a goddess, a pretty good actress, a very funny person and a pretty good singer. But she was never in love, never had a successful marriage. Never felt satisfied in life and probably never thought much of herself as a person and suffered from what we would call today at least depression. When that is how you look at yourself and you’re missing that many things in life that people love having, you don’t have it all. And you can see why she wasn’t that happy, if at all.

You can have everything that a woman at least could dream on the outside. But unless you’re also pretty strong inside, you’re not going to do very well in life. Not calling her dumb, but she lacked maturity and self-confidence that a stronger person mentally would’ve done much better in life, because they would’ve known exactly who they are and what they have to offer and be very happy with themselves. Which is something that Marilyn never had in life.

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