Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Associated Press: 'Cuba Lifts Restrictions on Car Sales'

Source:Associated Press- automobiles in Cuba.

"In another sign that Cuba is trying to transform its economy, the government will now allow all citizens to buy and sell cars.  (Sept. 28)" 

When I think about Cuba, I think about what if and to put it simply, what would the Communist Republic of Cuba look like if Cuba instead of being a Communist Republic, was a social democracy, or a federal republic that was also free as well, because the Cuban people by in-large are well-educated and have a pretty good health care system (especially for a third world country) with first world resources. Sort of like Mexico, but Mexico's problems have to do with corruption and crime and they relate. 

Where Cuba's problem have to do with the old Castro Regime. But apparently the new Castro Regime is improved especially how it relates to their economy and foreign policy. Cuba is not a threat to anyone in the War on Terror and their military is not a threat to anyone. They are not looking to invade and occupy foreign nations and be the dominate power in the Caribbean or Latin America. 

Countries want to trade with Cuba and want to visit and invest in Cuba. But along with the old Castro Regime and America and this stupid policy of containment as far as it relates to communism, they have been in the way of Cuba reaching its full-potential, which I believe Cuba could become the Hong Kong of Latin America. 

Cuba is a decent size island of 11 million people, they are not overcrowded or are starving or people dying prematurely. This is a country that has a lot of room to improve and develop kinda like Libya. The question is whether the American Government, the Castro Regime and the Cuban-American community will allow it to happen and have relations with each other, back and forth, Exchange Students and yes free trade allowing people to go back and forth from each country, catching flights from Miami and other cities to Havana and other cities. Or take ships from South Florida to Cuba and go back in forth and see each other and spend money in each country. 

Or is the status-quo in Cuban-American relations going to remain in place which hasn't helped but hurt both countries, instead of the Cuban-American community working so hard to try to hurt the Castro Regime. What if they instead worked with Cuban nationals to form a democratic opposition there instead. 

Where free trade and travel can come into place where there would be an exchange of flow and ideas. This is where the Obama Administration could make a real mark in foreign policy and where the President would have a major accomplishment on foreign policy. That would be a positive point on his legacy, sort of like President Carter recognizing China in 1978 by opening trade and relations with Cuba, not unconditionally. 

Cuba would need to meet certain conditions, that any trade between America and Cuba would have to benefit the Cuban people. Instead of the Castro Regime pocketing most of the money. And that Cuba would have to release political prisoners and other things. And allow people to travel freely throughout the country and back and fourth between Cuba and America and vice-versa. 

Cuba as I see it at least is an island of potential that could become an island paradise in the Caribbean, if only the Castro Regime and the United States would allow this to happen. And allow the Cuban people make this happen for their own country and allow Cuba to move to its full-potential.

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