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The Thinking Atheist: Andrew Torrez- 'Donald Trump, The Courts, and The Evangelical Right'

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"Andrew Torrez is an attorney and co-host of the Opening Arguments podcast. In this short profile, Andrew talks Trump, the law, impeachment(?), and the Supreme Court."

From The Thinking Atheist

Source:United Church of God"Ten Commandments List: Where in the Bible does it talk about the Ten ..."
I guess that I have a different take from Andrew Torrez on this, even though I agree with most of what he's saying here. My point here is about Donald Trump and what's called the Christian-Right and when we talk about these two movements ( which is exactly what they are ) we need to be careful when doing this and not put every Christian-Conservative in the same camp or say that everyone on the Christian-Right is a Christian-Conservative. And instead separate the people who truly are Christian-Fundamentalists and live by those values and if anything think Donald Trump and a lot of what he stands for in many ways is anti-Christian and an insult to Christianity, separate those people from the Christian-Nationalists and the hyper-partisan people on the Christian-Right in America.

I think it's also dangerous to try to get into someone's mind and try to label say this is exactly what they think and believe in. We shouldn't do that when it comes to politics or religion, but what we can do is go by people's actions and talk about how they act and their politics and believes based on what they say and what they do. And then see if their actions match up with what they claim to believe in. So I'm not going to try to argue that Donald Trump is not a Christian. He might truly believe he is ( even if his personal lifestyle and character makes it clear that he isn't ) but what I am going to do is make the case that Trump doesn't act like a Christian and a lot of what he believes in and how he presents himself, his lack of morality and character is very anti-Christian and I'm going to use The Ten Commandments and his personal behavior as my reference for that.

Let's start with the third commandment thou shalt not take God's name in vain: do you know of another President or American politician at any level that swears more in public more than Donald Trump? Within his first days as President he gives a speech at a church in Washington and of course he was joking here, but he was talking about Senate Chaplin and he said that he knows he can't appoint the Chaplin for life and then he says: "the hell with it, I'm appointing the Chaplin for life." And it got a big laugh, but the President of the United States literally not just swearing in public, but doing it at a church. And I realize the hell with anything is very mild when it comes to swearing in America today, but we're talking about a President who can't even keep his dirty mouth shut at a church.

How about though shalt not speak ill of the dead: I realize this might not be an official member of The Ten Commandments, but what's Christian and moral about speaking ill of people who can't defend themself and in Senator John McCain's case who was a POW and war hero in Vietnam, because he wouldn't rat on his fellow Naval officers: where'e the morality and Christianity about speaking ill of man like Senator John McCain who is dead?

Though shalt not commit adultery: Donald Trump, has been married three times and is a three-time adulterer. His personal life is exactly that and I'm not ready to says he's a bad man because he's a three-time adulterer, ( God knows there's so much more and better evidence to lay out that he's bad man without his adultery ) but it's not just that he's a serial adulterer, but take up to the points where he's cheating on his wife while she's carrying his third son with two porn actresses. And then pays off both women so his family never knows about that and it doesn't hurt him during the 2016 presidential election.

Here's a good one: though shalt not bear false witness: again, do you know of an American politician at nay level that lies more than Donald Trump? I wrote a piece a few weeks ago talking about liars and bullshitters ( and no, I'm not Christian myself ) and differentiating between the two: Donald Trump, qualifies both as a liar and a bullshitter. Which is a remarkable accomplishment in itself and its not that he just lies or lies so much is really bad by itself, because you're talking about a President where maybe 3-5 Americans simply don't believe the man every time he speaks. Whoever said that credibility and character is everything, knows what they're talking about.

But it's not just the lying and bullshit that comes out of Donald Trump's mouth or that he's President when he does that. The real problem here is that he simply doesn't give a damn ( to put it mildly ) and doesn't seem to care if others knows when he's lying and bullshitting and does it anyway. And that he's so bad as a liar that a 10 year old kid could think to themself and say: "wait, that's not true and does he even believe what he's saying here." I mean the man even lies about his own height: his official New York drivers license has him at 6'2 while he tells everyone else that he's 6'3 and everyone already knows that he's a big tall man and yet he has to give himself and extra inch. He even lies about his own father and ancestry saying that his father Fred Trump was from Germany, when the fact was his father was born in America to German-American parents who were from Germany.

Why the so-called Christian-Right thinks it's Christian to loyally back a man who isn't even aware of The Ten Commandments, let alone follows them or believes in them you'll have to bring that up with them if you want to know the answer to that. And while you're at it you might want to ask them if it is worth sacrificing their own character, morality, and credibility to get fewer abortions performed in America. But again its important not to put every member of the Christian-Right in the same box and instead separate the political partisans from the true Christians who actually live up to the values that they say they believe in.

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