Monday, December 10, 2012

FRSFreeState: The Hill: Opinion: Judd Gregg: "Time for President Obama and GOP Leaders to Stand and Deliver on Deficit Deal"

Opinion: Time for Obama, GOP leaders to ‘stand and deliver’ on deficit deal - The Hill

If I had the opportunity to write what the final deficit reduction package would look like, that would finally get. Our deficit and debt under control, so America could move onto other issues or at least could write it with Liberals who think like me. It would look something like what's called the grand bargain, which essentially means taking on core groups. On both the right and left, that unfortunately for some Democrats and Republicans who can't imagine their lives. Outside of Congress and Washington as a whole and because of that are always looking for the next election cycle. Even if they were just reelected themselves and because of this, these groups on both sides scare the hell out of them. And are so worried about offending them, that they won't do a damn thing that may cost them support. So as former US Senator Judd Gregg says, these groups aren't interested in governing but only interested in campaigning. And because of this it makes a grand bargain almost look impossible.

Anyone who looks at the Federal Government's fiscal issues and problems seriously and are actually interested. In solving these issues, whether it helps them politically or not, understands that its going to take something like a grand bargain. To get the debt and deficit under control, so this economy can finally take off again and American business's can. Finally invest a more in this country again and so we can start rebuilding the country's infrastructure again. We have to strengthen entitlements and make them a lot more cost effective and so they are prepared to deal with. The changing demographics but not do anything that would weaken the benefits of these programs for the people who need them. Which is fairly simple as far as what the solutions are but a hell of a lot harder to pass, it basically means having the wealthy. Pay more for their benefits, are defense department is simply overcommitted and doing too much around the World. And we need to scale it back and have it play a bigger role in North America.

Are tax code is stuck in the 20th Century and is over bloated and way too complicated and we need to eliminate. Some deductions and to cap the amount of deductions that wealthy people can take, I would scrap the tax code all together. And create a new one, as well as scrap the income tax all together and move to a Progressive Consumption Tax. We don't have to do that now but long term we should move into that direction, because its a much more efficient way to collect revenue. Because its almost impossible to escape paying it, we would all have to pay the tax as a country. Based on what we takeout of society, instead of how much we create for the country and as long as we have this huge. Debt and deficit, the wealthy are simply going to have to pay more in taxes, as long as we have the income tax. Until we can at least start to pay down the debt and deficit.

The solutions to these problems are fairly simple as far as what needs to be done, the problems are how do. We get the solutions passed when the two parties and their Leaders are so committed to their core bases. That aren't interested in doing anything thats not exactly what they want, which is where strong leadership from both sides. Has to come in and start being the adults in this process and tell their kids to sit down and shut up.

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