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FRSFreeState: The New Republic: Richard D. Kahlenberg & Moshe Z. Marvit: "Right To Work Isn't A Civil Right. But Unionizing Should Be

"Right To Work" Isn't A Civil Right. But Unionizing Should Be | The New Republic

The saying elections have consequences applies here, as far as I'm concern Michigan is getting what they voted. For in 2010, a what I would call at least a Neoconservative Republican Governor in Rick Snyder, whose interested. In concentrating most of the power in the state in the state's capitol, with the ability to hire and fire local governments and so fourth. And with a Tea Party Republican Legislature who probably like to outlaw organize labor all together and centralize all power. With private business and government working in tandem together, this is the people that Michigan voted for in 2010. And now they are paying the price for it, as a Liberal I believe people have the right to make mistakes, that when. You vote for people who don't have your best interest at heart and are there to serve the big money that put them in. Office then the people who voted for those politicians should get to deal with the consequences of those decisions. Rather then government trying to protect people from themselves.

I agree that the term "Right to Work", is a bogus term there's no such term as "Right to Work" in America none. Of us are guaranteed a job in this country, we all get or don't get jobs based on our skills and qualifications. And in some cases the other people we are competing with for those same jobs, I do have some feeling for people. Who say that workers shouldn't be forced to pay union dues to unions they aren't members of and have some feeling. As well for Progressives who say that non union workers shouldn't enjoy the benefits of being a member of a union. For free I agree with that they shouldn't and I have an answer for that, union members should get the benefits. That they pay for and non union workers shouldn't get those same benefits and instead be left if they choose to. To be able to negotiate their own compensation and benefits with the employer they work for. But if they want the benefits that come from being a member of a union, they should have to join that union and pay for those dues.

I don't feel bad for the people in Michigan right now because they are getting the people they voted for and. Have put the trust in the Tea Party to run their State Government for them, good luck with that and had. They made better choices in who they voted for and voted for more Democrats instead and at least elected a. Democratic House or Senate, then a good compromise could've come out of this like the one I just propose. Which would a right to unionize or not unionize, joining a union and paying the dues or not  and negotiating. Your own pay and compensation which would be a good system and force all workers to think about what. Would be the best deal for them, solidarity or being a free agent and negotiating your own contracts.

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