Thursday, March 29, 2012

Justices Vote Friday on Health Care Law: What to look for and expect

Based on the arguments and the questioning that came from the Justices on Tuesday and Wednesday. Expect the Individual Mandate to go down and be ruled Unconstitutional. Justice Kennedy didn't sound like a Swing Vote to me any point this week. And actually Chief Roberts sound the most open minded of any of the Conservatives on the Supreme Court this week. But I wouldn't expect him to vote for the Individual Mandate. So assuming the Individual Mandate goes down and I'm not ready to call it dead until its dead. Because I support it and without it, it make cutting our Healthcare Costs very difficult. We would have to start considering things I'm not for, to bring down our Healthcare Costs. Like Single Payer Medicare For All or at least a system. That we all pay into but where we would still be able choose our own Health Insurance. Or a Health Savings Account but without an Individual Mandate, we are going to have to consider things like that. So the question is without the Individual Mandate or the Medicaid Prevision. The Medicaid Prevision, which I don't support, will the rest of the Affordable Care Act stay in place.

Without the Individual Mandate, the rest of the Affordable Care Act doesn't mean much. As far as controlling our Healthcare Costs. Because with the Individual Mandate, we are all forced as a country to cover our own share of our Healthcare Costs. And we can end a lot of Uncompensated Healthcare in America. And end forcing people to cover others Healthcare. Which will bring down the Healthcare Costs of everyone. So the question is with the ACA as it stands now but without the Individual Mandate. Can the rest of the ACA stay in place, is it workable and is it even worth having. And I'm leaning towards no but without the ACA, we go back to square one. With people being denied Health Insurance, just because they actually need it. And we go back to Lifetime Caps and we continue Uncompensated Healthcare in America.

So I'm expecting a Black Friday tomorrow for the Affordable Care Act. I'm leaning towards the whole thing getting thrown out back to square one. Leaving it up to the next Congress to do deal with it, if anything. But of course I hope I'm wrong and we'll wait and see and I expect to be blogging. About whatever the Supreme Court says tomorrow.

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