Friday, March 9, 2012

Economy Adds 227K Jobs, Rate Unchanged at 8.3%: US Adding Jobs and more people staying in the Workforce

Another solid Jobs Report for the American Economy in February. To follow January and December and another indicator that the United States is making real progress. And moving past the "Great Recession" and getting back to normal as far as our economy is moving. Still a long way to go, in a workforce of 150M or so workers, we have 12.8M workers who are unemployed. But with the Unemployment Rate staying at 8.3%, which it was at the end of February. In a sense thats good news, because it means more Unemployed Workers are staying in the hunt. Continuing to look for work and these are the people we need to target. And put them back to work, get them in Job Training, Community College. Help some of our struggling industries, the House passed a Bi Partisan Jobs bill. Yesterday focusing on Small Business, yes you read right. The House passed a Bi Partisan Jobs bill yesterday, perhaps the first Bi Partisan legislation they passed since TARP. Small Business is still our number one employer at least in the Private Sector. So this is good news and it will help but we need to go even farther then that.

We still need something like what President Obama proposed back in September. The American Jobs Act or something like that. If we want to see solid Economic and Job Growth, that progressively brings down our Unemployment Rate. Where it comes down because Unemployed Workers are going back to work. Not because they give up looking for work. Where we invest 200B$ or more a year thats paid for into Infrastructure Investment. With something like a National Infrastructure Bank. The Senate next week will pass a Highway bill that will have a lot of real Infrastructure Projects. Not pork, even though I'm sure there will be some pork in it. This is the Senate after all and it will be Bi Partisan. This bill will be a good first step and we need to go farther then that as well.

The Republican House has been trying to pass Energy and Infrastructure Legislation. That yes will include Oil Drilling, the President would be smart to work with House Republicans. On this and get some more Infrastructure Investment in return. As well as Clean Energy Investment as well and we could create a lot more jobs. With legislation like this.

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