Friday, March 9, 2012

Associated Press: Warren Levinson- 'Economy Adds 227K Jobs, Rate Unchanged at 8.3%'

Source:Associated Press- Vanessa Bartram talking about the jobs report.

"U.S. employers added 227,000 jobs in February to complete three of the best months of hiring since the recession began. (March 9)" 

From the Associated Press 

At risk of repeating myself and sound like a politician whose speaking from a broken teleprompter and keeps repeating himself as a result: we're off to a good start in 2012 as far as jobs and growth, even wages. But there's still a lot of work to be done with 12 million people still out-of-work. 

The Great Recession ended during the summer of 2009 and we've been growing ever since and have been adding jobs every month since early 2010. These are good signs but when you are in the economic hole that we've been in since late 2008, it takes a long time to completely dig your way out of that hole. 

CBS News: Jack Otter & Jill Schlesinger- 'MoneyWatch: February 2012 Jobs Numbers'

Source:CBS News- I'm assuming this is Jack Otter (even though I don't know the man personally) just because I think Jill is a strange name for a man.

"Jack Otter and Jill Schlesinger of CBS MoneyWatch discuss the new jobs numbers reported by the labor department for February 2012." 

From CBS News 

I may have already said this for the last 4-5 jobs reports that I've been talking about, but of course American economy is not in perfect shape and there are still real problems dealing with the lack of strong economic growth, even though we've been growing consistently for 3 years now, as well as long-term unemployment, but the tend line is good right now. 

Americans are going back to work, wages are even rising, employers are looking for new workers, thanks to the Budget Control Act of 2011, our deficits are actually coming down now. So yes, we haven't fully recovered from the Great Depression that started in late 2008, but we're recovering, we're growing, and Americans are going back to work. 

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