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Marilyn Monroe History: 'Marilyn Monroe- 10 Years On: A 1972 Documentary'

Source:The New Democrat- Hollywood Babydoll Marilyn Monroe. 
Source:The New Democrat 

“Documentary with Rare interviews with people that knew Marilyn Monroe such as Ralph Roberts(massage man) and Allan Snyder(Makeup man) Jim Dougherty(first husband)” 

Source:Marilyn Monroe History- From the 1972 documentary.

From Marilyn Monroe History

Imagine how good of an actress and entertainer overall that included comedy, singing and dancing, imagine how good of an entertainer that Marilyn would’ve been had she ever grew up personally and emotionally, had she matured and become a real adult woman not just physically, but emotionally and personally as well. Imagine a self-confident, mature, grown up Marilyn Monroe.

Now for one thing, very likely she’s still alive today had she took care of herself throughout and didn’t die an unnatural early death. And even at eighty-eight today, maybe she’s still working, or at the very least still in the spotlight.

She had all the physical, professional talent and even personal talent in the sense that she knew how to act and entertain and knew what she was doing on stage. It was when she wasn’t working and how she lived her life outside of work that was her downfall. She didn’t knew how truly good she was and she didn’t take care of herself. And again lacking maturity and with a sense of the real world and seeing things that were simply not there. Like this crazy idea that she Jack Kennedy would dump Jackie for her and that she would become First Lady of the United States married to President Kennedy.

There was the talented potentially great entertainer Marilyn who had the talent to be one of the best entertainers that has ever come out of Hollywood with her ability to do so many different things and do them well. And there was the sixteen or fifteen-year old Marilyn in the body of twenty-five to thirty-year old woman who never grew up. Who didn’t like herself that much, who saw things that weren’t there.

And you combine the first Marilyn with a mature intelligent self-confident woman and again I think we are talking about not only perhaps the best looking entertainer who has ever lived, the goddess of goddess’, but one of the best entertainers of all-time.

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