Wednesday, August 8, 2012

For Freed Inmate, Painful Memories of Life on Death Row: Why The Death Penalty Should be Limited and Rare

Hearing stories like this of people sentenced to prison or especially Death Row and later freed. For either lack of evidence, which tells me as a non lawyer that either the prosecution, defense, judge or jury all screwed up in that case. The prosecution going after the wrong person, the defense not adequately defending the client, the judge not realizing the lack of evidence in the case. The jury convicting the wrong person, that there are holes in the Criminal Justice System, that have to be addressed and fixed. Because it would literally save lives, preventing either innocent people from being executed or people spending long sentences in prison for crimes they didn't commit. And going through the rough experiences of being a Prison Inmate, constantly surrounded by criminals and not being able to handle experiences like that, because they aren't criminals and aren't use to an environment like that.

This is not an problem that happens from to time, Texas has already executed two mentally challenged inmates this year. And people in the last few years have either been released from prison because of lack of evidence and freed from Death Row or there have been cases. Where there might be evidence that the person convicted might not of committed the crime. And this has gotten to the point where States are now eliminating the Death Penalty all together and commuting. Death Sentences to Life Sentences, so even is some of the Convicted Murderers are actually innocent, they'll at least have the time to overturn their convictions. You obviously can't do that when you are dead and California a State that has the Death Penalty but rarely uses it. Because of the backlog they have of appeals that still have to be heard. Serial Murderer Richard Ramirez was sentenced to death in 1989 in Los Angeles and is still on Death Row without a date for his execution to be carried out.

I'm not calling for outlawing the Death Penalty, I support it for those rare breed of Serial Murderers. Who actually enjoy murdering people, not sorry for what they did and if anything would murder again if given the opportunity. Like Rick Ramirez or Ted Bundy but a lot of times people get sentenced to death, where we actually don't know if the person did it or not and we are taking an educated guess. That later gets proven wrong, those people who are convicted should be given life without parole instead.

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