Friday, November 4, 2011

Associated Press: Mark Hamrick- 'Employers Add 80K Jobs, Rate Dips to 9 Pct.'

Source:Associated Press- welcome to the United States capitol.

"The jobs crisis may be easing slightly on the strength of a fourth straight month of modest hiring and a dip in the unemployment rate. (Nov. 4)" 

Any drop in the unemployment rate is good news especially since we haven't had one since July. And we've had an unemployment rate of 9% or higher since 2010. But 80K jobs in a country as big as ours with an economy as big as ours with a workforce the size of ours, is not a great number. We should be creating 2-3 times as many jobs each month. Even in an economy as weak as ours because we have the resources and population to do so.

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